DAP “Kuching Parliamentary Seat Under Threat..??”

Another SUPP Youth Chief has arrived at Bandar Kuching Parliamentary to challenge the incumbent MP Chong Chieng Jen. The DAP Machinery knows that the SUPP Candidate Tan Kai will provide a sterner tests to Chong than his predecessor Alan Sim.

It seems that SUPP is about to regain losts ground as PM Najib has indicated that even Bandar Sibu SUPP will be able to wrestle it back from DAP as the ground is shifting towards SUPP. What has happened is that SUPP Sibu have found out the achilles heel of DAP. They are fighting tooth and nail against DAP but knows that Sibu is within a whisker away of falling back to SUPP.

In Bandar Kuching SUPP in many Chinese voters eyes it is like a sacrifial lamb to be slaughtered. Who is Tan Kai to provide a slightest ‘worry” for DAP Chong or even a new face. ? Tan Kai is not a strong believer of the cyber world according to some who have had close association with him

He thinks the cyber world is such an imagination and as we would like to put it “NOT REAL AND CANNOT VOTE” Did we not hear this before from a BN candidate in Krian.? He said to his election workers that posters,hand phone smses and internet cannot vote. What happened? The rests is history they say and the former assemblyman is regretting till today. 

Tan Kai needs to know how the voters in Bandar Kuching are swayed. They are not those who can easily be bought over a dinner speech or a walkabout. They are more highly intellectual and they need to know what the candidate can offer not only in promises but whether he can live through HELL IN CYBERSPACE.

SUPP is apparently lacking in this department says a Youth member who want s to remain anonymous. They all say we know how to contain the opposition but in actual fact they know “nuts” .They still think all perceive that chinese newspapers holds the key but they forgot that BIG BROTHER CHINA are now turning and spending millions on English language.

If Tan Kai thinks that he can win he better be more worried not to lose by a landslide in excess of over 10000 votes. DAP are worried when their opponents fight toe and toe together against them instead of a walkover. Tan Kai represents fresh faced 42 years of age but will he be able to carry his thoughts to the cyber warriors and netizens in Bandar Kuching who represent close to more than 30000 of the voters out of 50000 eligible. 

Dr.Sim the SG SUPP now but a candidate during the lasts elections losts as he thought his foreign legion of Peninsular blogs and Facebookers miserably very few but according to some in SUPP that they acted as if they are GODS GIFT to the Kuching cyber territory.

 They did not come cheap as they were packaged. In all elections the people of the constituency knows better and its the LOCALS who will win you the elections not so much in particular foreign help. Dr. Sim the current SG has learnt his lesson and its a bitter pill to swallow and Tan Kai would be bests advised not to follow a similar path.

The FB and blogs in an election will HARM Tan Kai and if he is slow to react and wait for tomorrows newspapers he would be more than a few steps behind and playing catch up. Face BOOKERS attack the cyber world in areas where you least expect and they know how to turn negativity to a solid advantage and therby making sure the mind of the voters vote for you.

We will not explain here as it will give the game away. Tan Kai musts know who the SUPPs bests friend is. The DAP machinery are laughing all the way to Putrajaya as they know Tan Kai is not as strong believer of the cyber world. Unless he changes and gets it clear in his ‘engineering mind’ he will justs have to remain another has-been in SUPP.

The truth hurts and Tan Kai has time to turn the tide round and get the right people to assists him. DAP will not know what was nuclear bombed to them and they better be worried if Tan Kai justs raise his eyelids.

If it remains justs the same SUPP no matter what they do will be wondering if only…