GE13 “I’m Still Standing..!”

In 1983 Elton John had the hit single “I’m still standing”{listen to it click on you-tube] and in 1990 Billy Abit Joo won his first Parliamentary Elections as a BN direct candidate against Justine Jinggut and he continued his winning streak for 5 terms as the table below shows.

Year   Barisan Nasional Votes Pct   Opposition Votes Pct
1990   Justine Jinggut 4,200 54%   Billy Abit Joo (IND) 5,393 42%
1995   Billy Abit Joo 6,731 67%   Lucius Jimbun (IND) 3,084 31%
1999   Billy Abit Joo 6,884 70%   Kumbong Langit (IND) 2,751 28%
2004   Billy Abit Joo 6,949 67%   Bendindang Manjah (SNAP) 3,283 32%
2008   Billy Abit Joo 6,590 59%   George Lagong (IND) 4,426 25%

James Masing PRS President has already made it loud and clear that Ulu Rejang will see a new face. But MP Billy Abit is adamant to go for another term and his presence at mosts functions in his constituency is an indication that he is not going to be “BRUSHED OFF” “SWEPT AWAY” but it’s a message –


In an earlier posting 22/8/11 he said “he was aware of a move by a small group in Kapit to come up with their own candidate to replace him.I am not stealing the seat from anybody but instead some peole are trying to steal it away from me” It seems the MP from Hulu Rejang is saying,”Come take it away from me,I am more than capable still to stand and defend the seat.’

Today the Star played an even more controversial article which seems to play into a race based candidate which is damaging in a sense pitting the Orang Ulus against the Ibans of Rajang Basin. This we extract from the newspaper article.

Penghulu Sagit Bit,in particular,said Ugakforcing himself into being accepted by the orang ulu people would break a long-haul peaceful understanding between the orang ulu and the Iban of Batang Rajang made in the 1800s.”we do not want peace ,which was built on respect,to be brokenjust because of the political aspiration of certain individuals”Sagit said. (see below)

This rallying cry sounds similar to another parliamentary seat in MAS GADING or even in the Mukah seat where the majority Christians are fighting for one of their own to be represented. PM Najib needs to thread this line very carefully as one step in the wrong direction will mean BN will lose the seat to an independant or the Pakatan coalition. He needs winnable and calibre candidates and as the saying goes,”If it aint broken why fix it

The lobbying will be intense and GE13 is already seen as the mother of all battles and PRS like all component BN parties will field the ones who will be accepted by the voters.