Sometimes We wish but Sometimes I wish…..!!

Sometimes we wish we could sing like the singers who make our hair stand on ends at the back of our necks. Sometimes I wish I was one of them. Sometimes it gets to me when I try to express myself. It gets harder when we are so engrossed writing almost everything connected with the world of politics.

Sometimes we wish we could justs make ends meet with our voices. But we wish is different from whats in store for us out there in the beautiful and yet wicked world. Sometimes we wish that our friends are not so brutal and cruel to enjoy our failures but thats the way the world works.It’s music to their ears when your wish fails you.

Sometimes we wish we could justs cry aloud and its politics again I’m afraid “We are BN but people will still point to us and say Your wish is not my concern and you are more pro-Pakatan. On the flip side we can say we are Pakatan but the truth of the matter our wish never materialises and we are termed a Trojan Horse.”

Sometimes we wish the singers could belt out everyday singing songs like “what a beautiful world and “I dreamed a dream” But its not always the case and our wishes will always disappoint us and we justs need to perservere and keep faith that our wishes will come true.

Sometimes we wish someone will justs recommend us for better jobs,promotions and assist us with all the sincereties of being a friend and not a foe. Sometimes I wish will not always be the case as we are not of same fathers or mothers. The world always deals us something unexpected and when our wishes are all but gone up in smoke the wish will return in a different form.

Will our wish justs happen that way?

Sometimes we wish we could do without the politics that is happening in our beloved land Malaysia. We wish but I wish is so much different as it throws a whole new perspective to what is really happening. We wish as majority are all but on the safe side and are not ready justs for wholesome changes. Sometimes I wish will not necessarily happen overnight as being minority we need to catch the wave until it turns to a tsunami.

Sometimes we wish will not happen the way we want but what sometimes I wish could just materialise as the wish might justs be a simple”I wish everything works today”

Sometimes we wish our friends will not say this after reading this,”He has gone cuckoo” but the sometimes I wish justs happens and it will come back to haunt our friend as the wish might just fall on their knees .HERE IT COMES… This is justs a destressing piece when sometimes we wish and I wish doesn’t always happen.

We wish could sometimes work but not always and I wish more than always works but only those little wishes but the big ones might take a little more time.

 Are you still following me?

Hope you are ,as this is written without even having a script or second thoughts as it happens when I wished the bests for you in whatever may come your way.

 Sometimes we wish but sometimes I wish you are all TRUE and SINCERE friends.

But do we really care if you are not after reading this?

You justs said it,”Blimey,He is Crazy..Wish that was real though …