PRS…Enemies Pinpointed.!!

What Goes around Comes Around. There is no more Hide and Seek…

 There are no love losts left and Sng Chee Hua has come out with guns blazing against his greatest foe to date James Masing. They were enemies in the battle of James/Tajem but became close alliances in the formation of PRS and after the bitter fall out its time to renew the rivalries.

In the lasts few days there have been a hive of activity with former PRS/PBDS members surfacing,seen together with Sng in Kuching and the newspaper reports  have only made it up as rumours. The line-up to the new party have been finalised and the recent candidate lobbying of PRS in Hulu Rajang makes it more urgent for the launching.

Even in Selangau,over the past few months it was known that Sng have made his rounds(tweeted on 27th March-MP Selangau Entulu the incumbent faces possible challenge from Sng.Word on d ground is making headway )and last week he has come over to Julau where he was the MP from 1995-1999. Our earlier article in July 21 2011 asked “ Calon PRS..??” as the picture below shows.

However the status quo has changed since or could it be maintained by PM Najib as he sees all of them being returned and BN wining 6 seats in the process. Could the new party in the offing be done to split the votes for all aspiring candidates? We will only know after the results are known and serious lobbying for MPs are done if the final tally is so close for comfort on both sides of the political divide.

Its a love hate rivalry between Masing /Sng and you wouldn’t see them shaking hands for now unless they take on each other in a parliamentary constituency. Will they shake hands if they crossed paths in Hulu Rejang or Selangau Parliamentary Nomination centre.? hmmm….

Sng is hell bent in ensuring his team contests only the one’s which are mosts likely winnable and the reports of Selangau,Hulu Rajang,Kanowit and Julau and the newspaper reports have got it spot on.

The other two seats in Lubok Antu and Sri Aman are  not James “Proxies” as such and Sng feels that its better to have a foothold in winning a number of seats rather than lose all. Sngs strategists have it all mapped out and its there for the taking says a protem member of the new party. 

Sng knows James will be political bad mouthing against him and this extracted quote is a clear indicator,”PRS can deliver all these six seats provided there is no element of sabotage among the component parties. Instead if we all work as a team, PRS can deliver all those six seats,” (January 5th 2012 article)

PRS enemies have already been identified as such and the party will make all preparations to ensure a victory will be achieved at all 6 seats. BN component parties in PBB/SUPP/SPDP will be lending a hand in all the 6 PRS areas and there is no doubt about it as the battle lines are drawn.

 A victory for PRS is a victory for BN