MPs Billy Abit and Ahmad Zahid on Cyber..!

The last few months have been nothing short of hectic for both these politicians. Both of them have different AGENDAS.

 However  on cyber/social media they are One (1)

Billy Abit Joo MP since 1990 is fighting to get renominated by his party PRS where he is a Vice President. His President James Masing has clearly said and we extract the quote,” A good leader must be able to read the writing on the wall, and monitor the feelings of party members“You must always ask yourselves this question; do they still want me? Please never overstay your welcome, for if you do, it will have tragic consequences for the party including yourselves,”

Ahmad Zahid elected in 1995 is in his 4th term and GE13 will be going for his 5th term. He is currently the Minister of Defence assuming the posts vacated by PM Najib Razak. As Vice President of UMNO he had mentioned in a bernama report that ,”Elements of sabotage in the last general election must stop to ensure victory for Umno candidates in the 13th general elections.

Moreover he did not mince his words as he was quoted and we extract here,”But what is worrying the top leadership are those division warlords who insist that they are picked as candidates regardless, and this will lead to problems.

“A general who is armed with a sharp sword will lose a battle if he has no soldiers to back him up. For this reason, we must have an army behind us, apart from the support of all.

He said a study revealed that good candidates could contribute 31 per cent to victory, and solving internal problems would contribute more than 50 per cent.

He stressed, other than the need to give full support to candidates picked by the top leaderships, the members must forget personal interests.

Billy Abit and Ahmad Zahid  will be hoping that both of them will still be renominated on a BN ticket going into the GE13. It will not be much of a problem for the Minister of Defence to be renominated unless he decides otherwise due to reasons which might be personal.

 Billy however has already been told in so many words and he has no choice but justs ,”Lawan Tauke” and see who is the bigger “Tawke” who will be backing him up.

Zahid knows the importance of cyber and he like Billy knows that influence of the new media such as the blogs, twitter and Facebook, were seen as contributing to the rejection of BN in the last elections. Billy has sound advice for his people and he knows his people the Orang Ulu Youths will stand behind him also to be renominated.

Both can do so much only and both have made their case known for the BETTER GOOD of Barisan National.

Will both be renominated as candidates ..?

This we extract from an internet portal on cyber by Ahmad Zahid Hamidi:-

Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the Barisan Nasional machinery is ready to fight in the cyber world to garner support in the coming general election.

However, Ahmad Zahid said that BN would not adopt the opposition tactics of using slander against the opposition leaders.

“Our party machinery through the new media is prepared to fight off all the baseless allegations made and give the right explanation and information to the people,” the defence minister was quoted as saying in Utusan Malaysia.

“The opposition has no other way but to find issues that will tarnish the image of the national leaders in the cyberworld. We will not follow the opposition’s tactics to use slander,” he said.

Ahmad Zahid also wanted all BN leaders at all levels to be prepared for the opposition attacks, especially as the general election approaches.

He urged the opposition not to adopt such underhanded tactics, but to fight maturely by promising and implementing what they had promised in their manifesto 


34 thoughts on “MPs Billy Abit and Ahmad Zahid on Cyber..!

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

    :lol: Altantuya’s Daddy : :arrow: Najib COW MISS…nister run away but I still wanna meet him “Father to Father” chit chat only la….or debate la !!!! :lol:

    :lol: HEAR NO EVIL….SEE NO EVIL….DO NO EVIL….TALK NO EVIL….n those who always do :evil: EVIL things for sure run away ‘1’ la or their ? engine or c4 or immigration data will be deleted ‘1’ la….don’t play-play with 21st Century Malaysians la…. :lol:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :lol:

  2. Ruthless says:

    Billy still don’t understand the meaning of “majority rules” with the golden words “Jangan Lawan Tauke” . Until now he still go around and promote himself as the candidate in this coming GE13. Is billy just ignore his boss advise or he just don’t understand his boss golden works. Don’t you feels that two of then are heading towards separate ways? Billy is 5 terms yb , why he still want go 6th terms?????

    • 2012 hope says:

      From a truly responsible Wakil Rakyat at earlier stage to a truly corrupted Wakil Projects,his insistence of wanting to continue serving people and move on as WR has more personal agendas than to the public.

      As i used to say,The goodies of the gravy train is just too difficult to miss,meaning all Kangtows and projects from Govt.

      Totally agree with Shahrizat tell me” Which UMNO leader is not tainted ” ?.

      Even their sons and daughters are enjoying luxurious life and driving Porsche, Ferrari Sports cars,

      Even an ordinary odd-job worker living from hand to mouth knows.

  3. Ruthless says:

    With his golden rules being apply, it seen that none of his generals is coming out and supporting him. Did this mean that his generals is not accepting or his order dissociate with him? ?? or is this mean inside PRS , they are split into several fiction???? PRS cyber , while are you , I need your answer????

    • ibankapit says:

      Ruthless, we in PRS do not want to occupy ourselves with this petty issues of yours..FYI we in PRS are ONE,BOLD and always listen to our Top leaders…those lobbying are normal when it comes to any elections..but our President has made it clear..A new candidate in Hulu Rajang for sure..Wilson Ugak Kumbong..for Datuk Billy I guessed you have missed his latest press statement..President has every right to nominate any one.. I will serve my constituency until the day Parliament is dissolved. Clear??He finish his job only mahh..eventhough I came to know his people are collecting signatories of all ketua masyarakat in the hope PM may want to listen to him..but his people made a big mistake by saying the candidate if changed to Wilson Ugak is a disrespect to the Orang ulu community says Penghulu Saging Bit..and Henry Opang says Billy has every right to nominate his successor..hukum apa dia orang pakai??Don`t play racial issue Penghulu Saging Bit…nanti u burnt yourself..Come on Iban in Balleh ….

  4. 2012 hope says:

    If mindsets and mentality of the natives of 2 the Borneo States are not reset and re-programed,BN will forever rules the country.

  5. frozenthots says:

    We keep on harping that Billy/Zahid and others have overstayed – obviously we couldnt see the bigger elephant manifesting in the room, the CM. They are just following a set of precedents and which has been perpetuated by a common saying amongst the politician “the rakyat/state still wants me”. And we need TMM who has mastered the art of “everlasting politician’ to tell us belatedly that we lack new talents in the political arena. Tell pray why so.

  6. sarawakiana says:

    Done and dusted but Billy still have hopes that he will be renominated for Ge13. As we say,”Who is the Tauke?” not jangan lawan tauke…That is obvious dont you think so?

  7. PRS 30 says:

    Billy give way lah. You want to lawan PRS and boss James Masing. Think again as you have outlived your usage and become irrelevant to the party already. So much problems being exposed and u think BN notthinking of changing for a “new face” Already Ugak say he has blessings from James. So Billy step aside.!!!!!!!

  8. Ruthless says:

    PRS chief says he would not attend the Sunday forum on” who is the boss” organize by PKR. PRS chief says he has no time for the function on this Sunday. PKR source asked PRS chief to state the time that suite him??. Did James dares to take up the challenge ??? I think he only talks to the reporters and if he is the man than came out and attend PKR forum. He is just ” thick face skin”. “Kalau berani cakap musti berini pikul”. ????

  9. PRS 30 says:

    ruthless woof woof woof u are still around. U justs like Billy very persistent. This is PRS matter and we follow our boss instructions unlike some. Ne er mind we know we will win for BN in Hulu Rajang without Billy also can.
    Don’t worry we are prepared and BN will be happy with PRS after the elections.

    • Ruthless says:

      Your party boss is james and billy boss is PM. Billy gets instructions from PM or else why is he going around Hulu Rajang constituency and telling people that he is still the candidates??. IF your boss is his boss than he Lawan Tawke. It he lawan tawke than what is your boss going to do??? Billy don’t look your boss as Tawke, How????

  10. PRS 30 says:

    Ruthless, this from ibankapit in earlier comment. I want to bring it up again as its relevant. U already woof woof woof
    ,”I don`t think u know much the story of rivalry b`tween James and Sng..So if u know nothing better shut up and mind ur own business..but for sure Tan Sri James is as cunning as a don`t belittle our beloved President..Hidup TS James..Ruthless pls don`t be so arrogant with ur comments on TS out u..

    • Ruthless says:

      PRS 30 if you think your president is cunning than why none of your yb support him when he make a comment “Jangan Lawan Tawke”??? and also he don’t dares to attend a forum organize by PKR on “jangan Lawan Tawke”. He came out with all kind of excuses. Like what i say, “Kalau berani cakap mistilah berani pikul”. Your boss is so arrogant and humiliate Larry in every function if got the opportunity to do so. If you are in his shoe what are going to do???

  11. PRS Hulu Rajang says:

    OMG! ruthless still at it .PRS will support the anointed candidate in Ugak. frozenthot is correct as the overstayers keeps on fighting to be renominated. Hulu Rajang needs a new face for pRS or else it will defeat the purpose as we will be called later as OLD MAN party like what my chinese freinds in SUPP will say”same faces, same tune, same old people”

  12. dayang says:

    Banyak cakapan di sini.Tan Sri James gagah dan berani.Perkataan nya “Jangan lawan towkay” sangat hebat dan PKR berpolitik dengan cakapan nya. Boleh tahan TS Masing.

  13. 2012 hope says:

    There is a possibility that Billy Abit will be renominated.

    In term qualification,experiences and credentials Billy should outscore Ugak.

    • Ruthless says:

      What PM want is winnable candidates. At the beginning either one is the winnable candidate, but when james make the announcement that ugat is nominated instead of billy as a candidate for Hulu Rajang , billy supporters feels that the seat should be given to orang ulu and also lot of discontent among orang ulu communities. With billy not see eye to eye with james after the announcement , i have a feeling that the candidate supporters is going to sabotage each other candidates and votes for opposition during this coming election. Due to the above problems PM has no choice but to look for the alternative new winnable candidates. Wait and see.???? . Ha HA

      • ibankapit says:

        Dat wat say u..u not PRS member so shut up..don`t ever dare to talk about our party,,u not even a party member….so from now on pls get loose..nuan ukai member parti apa hak u nak cakap hal parti orang…ur words carries no weight to us…buang masa saja layan u tu Ruthless..U can say anything but for sure our party, my beloved President has 100% right to nominate anybody and to change candidate(s)..faham Ruthless???

      • Ruthless says:

        You mind is so narrow and you have to look at bigger picture, whatever come out from your president mouth is a law to you. To me you are just a follower. Don’t you know your president never dares to fact his opponent in front??? Don’t you realize he is using reporters as his shield ???Don’t you realize he like to humiliate people at the back??? Don’t you realize when he lost, he blame other??? Don’t you realize that if he did not receive the award he say it should be given to others non politicians. All the things that i have say, do you think he is shellfish????

  14. ibankapit says:

    Ruthless, so what?How dare u say my mind is so narrow??Yours is narrower..never ever try to appreciate people,,u just know how to condemn TSJM in particular..Who say my President is not brave enough..he is brave enough to speak with regards to some accusations made by PAS sometimes ago,Semenanjung teachers are flooding Sarawak and derived our anak tempatan of their places in the MOE..sapa brought this matter out??Who??Mawan, Jabu?George Chan,….Non other thanTSJM..Reporters..their job is to make little thing`s their job.. Humiliate at the back??Who ??You??If dat little boy you are referring…he deserves it for his actions mau lawan tawkey..My President never blame others for anything that came across his or lost is the name of the game..common Ruthless..Pelagus seat lost to George Lagong..a proxy of Sng..yes we lost the seat..but we won by putting Stanley Nyitar to represent BN..not dat we won we don`t blame others..Award wat award??Tan Sri dah dapat..cukuplah..mana ada he shellfish…he is the real Iban who change the mindset of the Iban,a true Iban leader..right now he is visiting people in Rh Lugad Sg Majau..always put people at heart..our candidate for Hulu rajang Wilson Ugak is there hidup PRS..hidup TSJJM..sorry offence yeah..

  15. zzr says:

    I think James Masing is wrong if old is irrelevant than he is definitely been around longer than datuk billy. Practice what you preach..anyway Wilson Ugak is severely underqualified to lead Hulu Rajang and unless a better candidate is picked Billy Abit is still a more viable choice unless Masing intends to gift Hulu Rajang to Datuk Sng and SWP

  16. YB ME says:

    I dont know but im not going to vote for someone even less qualified than me like Wilson Ugak to be a YB..Bagus saya jadi YB

  17. John says:

    agree with zzr… in terms of contribution, progress and qualification, billy leaves ugak eating dust. The first time i visited belaga many many years ago (during justin jinggut’s time), the place was total crap and the people were obviously unhappy). Visited again ’bout 2 years ago and was v.impressed with the development. It’s obvious billy’s done right by the ppl. And who’s jjm to bitch about billy when he’s been in office even longer? if billy isn’t renominated i hope he’ll run as independent and shove his win down jjm’s throat. Jjm is an ingrate and bully who brings a bad name to Ibans. Such a pity, as he was a role model for so many dayaks (me included) in the 80s – early 90s /-john, uk (originally frm kapit)

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