Sarawak Revamped Cabinet Ready for GE13

Sarawak was abuzz with different news filtering through that there would be a major cabinet reshuffle when CM meets the press today at the 22nd Floor. Names as usual were thrown into the “hat” and some were even lobbying through their proxies/parties. Did we not tell you that on May 15th 2008 we wrote,”A former personal aide of the CM mentioned to me once that the CM will go through the lists at least 7 times and will only disclose the names on the day of announcement. It is pointless to speculate on “CM’s Team” in the cabinet re-shuffle. After all it’s the Chief Minister’s exclusive privilege on the Cabinet lineup.

We have written on numerous occasions and some of them have already been appointed:- 1.  2.

While this was going on, one BN YB in MP Hulu Rejang was busy going on the ground. He knows very well that he has to up his ante.

He knows that there are others who are lobbying to be considered in the largest Sarawak constituency of Hulu Rejang. Names are also surfacing from the BN coalition and also present independant YB for Pelagus George Lagong is also considering to join the fold.

We wrote earlier on this subject which is “PRU 13 Kuasa  Rakyat..!!”and this is an extraction which he mentioned very clearly,”Today 22/8/11 he said “he was aware of a move by a small group in Kapit to come up with their own candidate to replace him.I am not stealing the seat from anybody but instead some peole are trying to steal it away from me” It seems the MP from Hulu Rejang is saying,”Come take it away from me,I am more than capable still to stand and defend the seat.

The new Sarawak Cabinet line up of new faces of assistant minister knows what it is like to be overlooked and also to serve without much fanfare but staying LOYAL and their time is now. A senior media man said,’ Clearly the CM has fixed his eyes on the next GE13 and the appointment of the following listed would be an extra help to assist the BN Parliamentarians.

The new assistant ministers are Julaihi Narawi, Abdul Karim Hamzah, Len Talif Salleh,Robert Lawson Chuat Vincent all from PBB,Rosey Yunus  (SPDP) ,Dr Jerip Susil (SUPP) and Liwan Lagang (PRS).

The ministries they will serve are as follows:-

  •  1.Julaihi will be appointed as Industrial Development Assistant Minister (Investment and Promotion) and Rural Development Assistant Minister.
  • 2. Abdul Karim as Housing Assistant Minister and Social Development Assistant Minister (Youth Development).
  • 3.Len Talif will be appointed as Resource Planning and Environment Assistant Minister (Environment) and Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office (Technical Education Promotion
  • 4.Robert Lawson Chuat Vincent will be appointed as Welfare, Women and Family Development Assitant Minister.
  • 5.Rosey Yunus will be appointed as Welfare, Women and Family Development Assitant Minister
  • 6.Dr Jerip Susil as Local Government and Community Development Assistant Minister (Public Health).
  • 7. Liwan Lagang as Social Development Assistant Minister (Culture and Heritage)

The new faces are ready but it was indeed a pleasant surprise,divine meet up and also exchange pleasantries with some familiar faces. A well known blogger and he said all our “YBs will work hard to ensure a resounding success for the coalition.”

The feel good factor is surely being raised to move the troops ahead in preparation for a big battle and this one will take no prisoners. Sarawak New Assistant Ministers would be in the thick of action together with this versatile blogger. 

The GE13 will be upon us soon and Sarawak is ready…….

58 thoughts on “Sarawak Revamped Cabinet Ready for GE13

  1. hulk says:

    CM should reshuffle full minister’s post as well so that new and young YBs are given bigger roles to play in the development of sarawak.

  2. kpt99 says:

    Still remember vividly, after the 416 election, PRS had proudly declared themselves as 2nd Party in BN Swak.

    With that,both party’s leaders and their loyal members had openly claimed that they deserved more from Taib administration,hope of getting the post DCM is high.

    Very unfortunate all those claims and requests come out to be their dream only.Expected by many

  3. sarawakiana says:

    How can anyone do so bad things to my YB Billy Abit? Kesian dia. Heard the PS to James is eyeing the seat and he got the endorsement. Can anyone confirm?

    • kpt99 says:

      Whoever to be candidates make no different for Kapitians as they are very happy with their YBs and prefer to stay here as who and what they are ?

      They are very happy that kapit remains as an island within an island for 50 years,JJM said if the road from Kapit to Sibu is build more crimes,robberies will happen.

      Taib says there is no economy value plus high cost, low population and difficult terrians added no worth to have such roads.

      Tun Jugah dreamed to all HIS ANAK ” It’s a great disgrace to him for not fulfilling his dream “

  4. kpt99 says:

    Dont have to read newspapers from sawk tomorrow,it will be full of full pages of all stupid and angkat pelirs messages from apple polishers and cari makan kakis to all those appointed.Syok sendiri and self praised as Naib says

  5. hulk says:

    Heard from a friend that a west malaysian blogger posted on his site ” pssstt…padan muka kaum cina sarawak” I think this blogger has got no 1 malaysia concept in mind.. Should be ban from Sarawak if he ever comes in…trying to create racial tension.. bloody trouble maker..The communication ministry should track this blogger and ban him on behalf of all the sarawakian chinese!!!!!

  6. dullah says:

    Iiisshh budak blogger tak sedar diri.nak marah cina kenapa?sebelum bercakap fikir dulu.Kenapalah tak boleh nak berbaik sesama bangsa dan agama?Politik bukan tempat kita nak bergaduh dan membezakan agama.

  7. hulk says:

    Just found the bugger,

    Ini memberikab pengajaran buat kaum cina di semenanjung yang mungkin akan berfikir untung nasib mereka apabila menolak kerajaan BN pada PRU 13 kelak.

    BN akan menang pada PRU 13, dan kita lihat kemana kaum Cina nanti dalan mengharungi politik negara tampa wakil mereka dalam kerajaan jika mereka masih merasakan DAP mampu menjaga mereka.


    Psssttt. . . . Pada muka kaum cina sarawak

    better watch what u write. Who are you to say to teach the chinese a lesson. How can BN win election like that…U think u can teach us chinese a lesson by not letting us to be represented in the GOVT?? Think twice before u blog and we will see who is talking after the next GE..

    Even now the PM has to preach what was practice in Sabah and Sarawak long time ago ” 1 Malaysia ” Damm u papagomo

  8. kpt99 says:

    Can you trust and believe the tongue twisting politicians ?. Taib said before 1st term YB cannot be appointed as assistant minister and now in contradict to his statement, he appointed his close crony Len Talif as one the most important portfolio assistant minster, perhaps more qualify to so-called Rajang Logjam Minister .If you believe what they say,tahi manusia pun boleh makan lol.all are great liars.Survey stated politicians are the most untrustworthy among all professionals is exactly correct.

  9. Hulk says:

    they bar MCML president haris ibrahim from entering Sarawak so they should also bar papagomo from sarawak for stirring up racial tension..

  10. nanisah says:

    Tak kira bangsa atau agama…asalkan pemimpinnya betul dan blh dipercayai,maka negara akan aman dan damai..Papa Gomo?dia memang terkenal dengan perangai kurang ajarnya.sudahlah menceroboh Sarawak tanpa diundang.Pandai2 pula nak porak perandakan rakyat Sarawak..bbboooooo!!!!!

  11. nanisah says:

    Tanpa melayu siapalah Cina,tanpa Cina siapalah Dayak,tannpa Dayak siapalah India.sama2 saling memerlukan.bukan mencaci.kenapa leka dengan hasutan Papa Gomo?Kita mesti teruskan perjuangan tanpa orang macam dia

  12. pakuli says:

    Hulk…I know Papa gomo!He is my BEST BEST FREN!!!But I also can kill him in politic if I want n wish to..But I’m not a bad ppl as HIM!!!haha

  13. mama says:

    OMG!!!Kebudakan lah si Papa Gomo ni..politic is a game,but not for kid like him.Now u famous with your scandal issue.STEP BACK!!!Sarawak ppl don’t want you to disturb us.

  14. laptop says:

    wow… so hot in here… papagomo?? kenapa mau masuk campur hal orang sarawak… papagomo org semenanjung… jangan masuk campur la… sibuk saja… ramai sudah org x ada suka dgn papagomo… dia cakap saja banyak, action tak serupa bikin. aiyahh… ayat saja lebih..

  15. laptop says:

    Please my friends… jangan berpecah belah kerana org luar.. kita org sarawak harus bersatu padu… bkn berpecah… org luar mmg suka kalau kita berpecah… sbb mereka blh ambl kesempatan terhadap kita kalau kita berpecah… jangan biarkan negeri kita menjadi medan pertempuran hanya kerana org luar. jangan la mudah percaya dengan kata-kata org luar yg tidak berasas dan tanpa bukti yang kukuh…

    agi idup, agi ngelaban…….


  16. DAYAK SPIRIT says:

    yup… we must always stay unite between our people… dont easily trust the outsider. they just want to take the advantages to our people so that the opposition will win. Pls… we must support BN to improve our state.

    enough is enough, our last election the opposition already play with us. lets learn from that mistake so that it wont happen again. dont make it happen twice.. to all sarawakian, please we need your support to support our state goverment to make a better life in the future.


  17. DAYAK SPIRIT says:

    Haiya Jinggo… are u sarawakian or not… why u want to be afraid??? do u know what is sarawak people motto? agi idup, agi ngelaban bro… there is nothing to fear.. just because of the outsider you easily loose your balls… do u have balls my friends? so dont be a cowards. how you can be a good example to all sarawak people if u too afraid to face the enemy.
    you are not alone bro remember that. ahhh ha…. or maybe u bukan org sarawak… hahaha… kantoi… kwn papagomo ker? let me tell u sumting bro… KAMI ORANG SARAWAK TAK AKAN BERPECAH!

  18. laptop says:

    bro jinggo… wahh… so u want to be a big hero tonight la bro,… dont say like that bro…. u just like the chicken who loose his balls.. hahaha… BALLS…. haha…
    u ah… sangat racist la bro… kenapa dengan kamu bro.. ada masalah ka.
    semua u tidak suka. sudah la bro… tutup saja la komputer tu… u masuk tidur lg bagus… bcoz u dont have BALLS… HAHAHA….

  19. jinggo says:

    wahai dunia ni. ada musuh laptop dan hulk .semangat ada tak takut.Kita berjuang bersama papagomo.UMB mana ada buat kerja.Cakap banyak dalam surat khabar saja. Duit di bayar.bodohseng cina

  20. Hulk says:

    U see… Bodoseng cina?? U must hv forgotten that most of the things u r using is produced by cina Abd that includes the iPhone if u r using one.

    No man is an island jinggo. How to progress with ppl like u around. Try to learn how to be positive bro.

  21. lengcai says:

    Come on..jangan cakap sebarang tanpa bukti.kalau ada bukti sila buktikan loh mr jinggo.papa gomo also make money from other place.but kita tak kacau dia.semua mahu cari duit but u can see how UMB cyber trooper kerja.surat khabar buat cerita eh?that’s mean surat khabar also rasuah meh?haiyo fikir dulu sebelum cakap.main hentam orang tak fikir pakai punya otak letak mana?!

  22. jinggo says:

    Kita tidak hentam umb sarawak, Kita berperang dengan umb semanjung.Check dahulu sebelum buka senapang lengcai.Hulk bodohseng cina lu.

  23. sarawakiana says:

    What the bloody hell happened here? I musts have been away for too long. Interesting and a lot of harsh words it seems. Well at least there is also people like’lengcai’ owning up to mistakes. Fair play .

  24. kpt99 says:

    Local Chinese tycoons are taking out their business from Msia and GLCs use taxpayers money to buy them.

    Reasons are simple,these rich elites are losing confidences in Najib administration and the present economy situation looks bleak.

    Giant conglomerates like Genting,SP setia,Eastern and Oriental,YTL,Kuok oil palm plantation with billions in value had moved out from the country raised eyebrows and questions among many of the FDI players.

    The recent sparking and deterioting relationship among the major ethnics too could contribute to these moves

    Majulah Msia

  25. Anti-Kleptocrats says:

    Ban PapaBabiGomo entry to Sarawak. He is more dangerous than Haris Ibrahim.

    Please no double standard Taib Lanun.

  26. jlengcai says:

    Papa Gomo badan saja besar!U all think he dare meh?If he dare lama sudah he go n talk to Taib.pttuuiiiii that Papa Gomo.Bagi malu orang melayu dan semua bangsa saja

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