SPDP “Limits Stretched..!!”

SPDP privilege source informed us this morning,”The SPDP President has already spoken in Sibu and he does mean it this time. There is a limit to what anyone can do and with all the unhealthy politiking taking place Mawan has been left with no alternative left but to take the necessary actions.

His limit has been stretched like a “rubber band” and eventually it will also give way. It remains the prerogrative of the President to issue a directive to the SPDP Chairman and his disciplinary board to issue a “SHOWCAUSE LETTER” to those who has defied and are a liability to the SPDP.

Mawan has given them enough time and chances not to hold the party to its knees and this next course of actions will ensure that the party will remain intact. SPDP has 4 Parliamentary seats to defend and the party needs to get this problem out of the way inorder to remain relevant in the eyes of the Barisan National Leadership and its coalition.

The Separatists 5 will use all legal ways to bring the party to court but it will be to no avail. They will need to answer to the showcause letters when they are issued and if they remains defiant and bring the party to court they will be told in so many words that the clause 18C.-“Decision of political party to be final and conclusive” will be starring at them and its not a winnable scenario.

They should pick up a copy if they do not already have one under Laws of Malaysia,”Societies Act 1966(Act 335) & Regulations- Latest copy (As at 20th august 2005). The SPDP constitution should not be read in totality and its only a guidance when the legal arguments are being put infront of the presiding judge.

Just for the information of the Separatists 5 this might happen when they try to bring the party to court:-

The judge might just rule that under the relevant provision of the societies act ‘no court shall have jurisdiction to entertain or determine any suit,appliocation,question or proceeding on any ground regarding the validity of a decision of a political party or any matter relating to the affairs of the party.”

The President has given enough time for the Separatists 5 and their members to stop the backstabbing and bringing down the partys name over the last 1 year. There is a limit to what a man can handle and now is the time for Mawan to take action. Many political journalists has even said that Mawan lacks the courage to do it and is seen as “weak” If he follows through with this action on the 5 some will even say,”a little too late” and the damage is already irrepairable.

Mawan is still on high ground and he needs to flood them out and crush them before the real damage is done by them at the next SPDP TGM next year. Our source even says,” Don’t tell me 5 YBs dont have divisions supporting them. He needs to disect and cut them into pieces now as the new “taiko”amongst the group is ever ready for the challenge. Mawans back is already pushed  to the wall and this action remains the right political decision for him and the party.

William Mawan, the President knows its TIME………