NEXT PLEASE….Reshuffle in Sarawak Cabinet

The timing cannot be better than this.The Federal government will see a reshuffle in a few days time and Sarawak after a thumping victory for BN Sarawak its almost PERFECT for Sarawak CM Taib.

Of course he will pick his time and we are here not to lobby for our YBs so that they can or will be considered.Those who are already in the cabinet will be wondering though whether they will be retained?  

This time its for Real. Speculations were rife then that on 30th May 2008 and the other on August 3rd 2008 that the Sarawak cabinet will be reshuffled to bring in New Blood. It did not materialise.

We wrote then in the first instance,” When the CM was asked back then on the 8th of April when he would reshuffle his cabinet he said it will be after the State legislative assembly sitting.The meeting ended on 14th May 2008.’ 

The CM of Sarawak has the prerogrative on the final lists. It’s his choice if he adds to the present 24 member cabinet or make minor adjustments to bring in new blood or add in new faces. 

Just as he was anticipated to make an announcement he was held up and he said,”“Sarawak is a very calm, nice place. (But) I see some foreign storms trying to be very funny, so you know we’ve got to keep our calm.”

Secondly,word was coming out from the CM’s office that there would be a major reshuffle. It did not materialise and it only involved SUPP Ministers changing roles. What happened then on August 3rd 2008? Could this issue (controversial 12 Dams) or the Anwars factor 916 that has got the better of Pehin Taib?


Now with Malcolm Mussem Lamoh as the newly elected PRS YB there is every chance that he will also be considered. He polled a convincing 3,907 votes against PKR’s Jawah Gerang’s 2,053. On behalf of audie61 and the crew we would like to congratulate him.

PRS has been allocated Two Assistant ministers posts and one is held by Larry Sng who has since remain partyless after the PRS internal crisis.Will he still be considered? I wouldn’t dare to say NO as stranger things has happened. There are also strong vibes that Snwodon Lawan and Mong Dagang are eyeing this appointment  if CM does not reappoint Larry.

What about the other YB’s from other parties? Few names are already in the hat and its only a matter of time when they will be released. We were told that the CM that the CM will go through the lists at least 7 times even on the day of announcement.

We wrote on May 15th 2008 on the possibilities of those YB names who will make THE GRADE.Its an interesting puzzle and its always DESTINY and FATE of the person whether he makes it or not.

We say as always,”The days have started to countdown for some YB’s. Some are just hoping to hear the GOOD NEWS…. 

12 thoughts on “NEXT PLEASE….Reshuffle in Sarawak Cabinet

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    I shouldnt be here this morning as I wanted to rest for a few days but feel compelled to tell all supporters of PKR, volunteers from PAS and DAP and all Bloggers especially Broken shield, Sarawak headhunter, Dayak baru and Dayak nation that we must not feel disheartened.

    We should be happy that the people of LA/BA who have been neglected for so long will finally see real developments and not those imagined by our Dayak leaders in BN taking place. We shall monitor all the promises made by BN to the people. Every week we should be checking on the progress till the next state election. We shall make sure BN will not extract RM700 million worth of timber there and give back RM70 million(on paper) and deliver only RM7million.

    I will be retiring as a police sergent in 2 years time and will see you guys more often. God bless.

  2. tunabdulrazak says:

    Since it is believed that Sng financed PKR in Batang Ai, Larry Sng should be axed.
    Todate the loosing SUPP minister-candidates were not replaced. Dr Jerip should be given the opportunity, to prove the Dayaks’ accusation that ‘SUPP is only interested in Dayak votes, but does not want to share the catch’, is unfounded.

  3. Mata Kuching says:

    YB Dr Jerip and Richard Riot should consider joining DAP for real democracy and fair developments and ensure developments are not used as commodity or a dangling carrot for Dayaks as practised by BN Sarawak led by Taib.

    Malaysians across Semenanjong has outright rejected the arms twisting and carrots dangling tactics of BN and yet our hard core poor living in depilidated longhouses and kampungs are so afraid to change or were too tempted to collect the few hundred ringgit that their Tuai Rumah would release to them after each election as instructed by BN machinery.

    Pakatan is no longer an opposition but a real alternative to the ruling BN and will be good for a competitive democracy in Malaysia to have a two parties system. Malaysia is probably the only country in the world that has never changed government since 1957. Some developed and progressive countries like Australia, their government averagely lasted about eight years.

    All Malaysians are now waiting anxiously for Najib to walk the talk and call for a fresh election in Perak as the victory by PAS at Bukit Gantang was enough to make known the wishes of Malaysians in Perak

  4. Target 407 says:

    The target would have been achieved if sarawakians played their part. Of course they did with so many trojan horses inside PKR Sarawak. Wake up Anwar!!! You losts Sarawak as Chairman of the State while Najib also losts as Perak Chairman. 1-1 here but Sarawak has 71 seats. Where are you going to do it? Dayak seats hahaha. Ibans still want to be led by BN. Dream on………

  5. zainuddin says:

    PKR won in Selambau but losts in Batang Ai 1-1. Seems the east Malaysian State is still a BN stronghold. What to do?

  6. dayang says:

    Who to blame..?? Not working together as a TEAM PKR and also too many Trojan horeses in EX PRS. Well done Taib..eeeee

  7. zztop says:

    Dont give up PKR. It takes time to convince Sarawakians what the BN politicians have done to them these past 50+ years. East Malaysia are still far behind West Malaysia in terms of infrastructure, economy and political awareness to say the least. I percieved that a lot of them are still simple and ordinary folks who left their destiny to greedy and selfish politicians. Correct me if i am wrong here. Sincerely I have great respect for them.
    Lets work hard for the next GE13.

  8. Kaban says:

    People still have trust in BN due to the development to the rural area…but PKR? (as seen on TV…akai dai, parai kitai wai)…

  9. TV says:

    It good PKR lost because now it the burden for BN to deliver, hospital, bank, internet, good road and thousand more promises. This have to be done in less 2 YEARS that is before next DUN election.
    Remember Ijok by election TS Khalid MB Selangor lost the by election because of promises by BN, BUT less than a year after that he won Ijok in General Election. Not only than BN Selangor Goverment COLLAPSE because all promises is Ijok cannot be delivered by BN. IT will be a good case example in Batang AI

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