DAP Sarawak.. BN “Dayaks Traitors..??”

This article which appeared today at an internet portal which mentioned this “suddenly I felt pieces of paper being pushed into my pocket” by DAP Sarawak Chairman Wong Ho Leng has indeed stirred up an uneasy feeling amongst the BN YBs .Some YBs at open houses were seen chatting away and reasoning why Wong Ho Leng  brought it up in the first place?

This will create an atmosphere of distrusts,uneasiness and betrayal which the DAP opposition leader hopes it will achieve. We extract the following where you will be able to analyse and make the judgement whether the DAP Leader is notoriously up to and extend being politically mischevious or was he trying to convey a message to the BN YBs

 Hellooooo”you are on CCTV”

This has also indeed another way of telling the voters,”your dayak YBs should not be there and it also serves to tarnish the good name of BN overall.”

The extracted version:- “He said many Dayak BN leaders were supportive of the opposition on the issue of native customary rights (NCR) land.“It is really pitiful and sorrowful that the Dayak ministers, members of parliament and state assemblymen are not prudent and not true spokesmen for the Dayak communities.

“They are not daring enough to talk about NCR land problems in Parliament or in the state assembly.I can tell you that during coffee breaks, they (BN Dayak reps) chose to sit next to us.

“And suddenly I felt pieces of paper being pushed into my pocket. Even without opening the papers, I know what is written inside.“It concerns NCR land problems which they (BN reps) want us, the opposition, to raise,” he said.

Next DUN Assembly Sitting  you will know who The BN ” Traitor” is wouldn’t you..??