SPDP “Separatists 5 Guilty..??”

A BN sympathiser said to audie61 on the SPDP 5 ,”Oh No! Its come to this has it. Are they guilty?” Yesterday,we tweeted and also on FB and we were swamped with calls before and after the PC .Today,it has been a day full of political discussion after what has appeared in the main stream media . Now its time for both parties to put on their thinking heads ,move on and make their next move.

Is there still a window for a Negotiator?

Why?  A BN YB said “This crisis involves on one side 2 Aduns and 3 MPs and the other 4 Aduns and 1 MP. This will be BAD for BN as a whole and it leaves a bad taste on both sides if it is not solved amicably. 

The question comes back  Guilty.! No, not just yet but public perception has indeed swung back to the party and the President Mawan. 

We attached below what has been published and the opposite camp told us in a telephone conversation yesterday that there will be reactions from them. Why do we have to face the disciplinary committee when we have done no wrong? You ask Mawan what he has done and he has losts his credibility in our eyes.”

Today a veteran political analysts said “Its not about being who is guilty but we musts look at it from the angle of 1. Interpretation and 2. Constitution.

In Interpretation the party is being held hostage and the 5 YBs plus 3 others continues to defy the party as a whole by not turning up for the Supreme Council for 2 years and 7 times in totality. They know even if they are not seeing “eye to eye” with the President or some other members they should have used another platform to fight them and that is the party’s annual General meeting instead of jeorpadising and sacrificing the interests of the party.

They are selfish in a way but they are correct in a way taking advantage of the “kind heartedness of the President” The limit has been breached and the President has spoken“Its time and its my turn

Constitution- we look at the rule of law and if there are no rules how is the party going to continue to perform and remain relevant. SPDP has the constitution and”to the members of the party they must be upheld and not taken lightly and broken as and when a member decides. They know the Disciplinary pages are from pages 89-94 which is Article 24 of the party constitution. The constitution is a guidline for the political party to function as required by the ROS Societies act of 1966 and if there are any problems the party will turn the pages for assistance.

The 5 plus 3 will be hauled up for a hearing and if they defy and absent themselves they will need to use a political intervention of a “negotiator”to solve or see an end to the already uneasiness  created by both sides.

NO one is wrong justs yet until the SC meets again.

Extracted from an enbglish daily attached below:- 

 The so-called ‘SPDP Five’ have been referred to the Disciplinary Committee for failing to attend the party’s supreme council meeting for the past two years.

Party president Tan Sri William Mawan said this was decided by the Supreme Council during a meeting at party headquarters in Jalan Badruddin here yesterday.

The ‘SPDP Five’ are senior vice-president and Tasik Biru assemblyman Datuk Peter Nansian, vice-president and Marudi assemblyman Sylvester Entrie Muran, vice-president and Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe and two supreme council members – Bekenu assemblywoman Rosey Yunus and Batu Danau assemblyman Paulus Palu Gumbang.

The unanimous decision was made by 21 out of the 33 supreme council members, Mawan said, adding that the five persons were referred to the party’s disciplinary committee as they had “reached the party’s limit”.

Mawan said the five-member disciplinary committee was headed by Professor Dr Safiq Abdullah. They were not members of the supreme council.

He said the committee had been given two weeks to investigate the matter and to come up with a finding.

“The time has come. I thought it was a joke. But I, as the president have to put the party in order. There is a line nobody should cross. There is a limit to what you can do and cannot do in the party.

“This thing will never end and the party’s existence may be threatened and that discipline has been discarded. An individual or a group’s interest is subservient to party’s interest,” Mawan told a press conference here yesterday.

He also said that the actions of the five persons had caused confusion to the party.

“But let the due process takes its course. There is nothing personal here,” he said.

He, however, warned that the five persons could face expulsion from the party if they were found to have breached the party’s discipline.

But Mawan, who is Minister of Social Development and Urbanisation, was also quick to assert that he would not mind meeting with them to sort things out as he is “the most peaceful president”.

When asked why it took him two years to make such a drastic decision, Mawan said he had been liberal and democratic in his approach and had given the five persons plenty of time to come to their senses.

He added that the five would be informed of the outcome of the meeting.

Mawan also announced that the party had a new set of constitution which had been approved by the Registrar of Societies (ROS) “to bring better discipline and make the party stronger”.

The SPDP Five has started their ‘silent rebellion’ since the party’s last triennial general meeting (TGM) end of 2009.

Their main contention is that Mawan had not kept his promise to ‘keep the status quo’ in the party’s line-up that he announced before the TGM.

Meanwhile, when contacted, the SPDP Five refused to comment on the matter except to say that “they will cross the bridge when they reach it”.