Sarawak New Entity..”SDGLA..??”

Expectations are running high as news of this new entity is being mooted. After the PRS Supreme Council James Masing in his statement at the Press Conference mentioned engaging with “hostile” groups rather than alienate them.

A group of dayak Law graduates has started to put their “wig heads on” and is in the process of forming a registered association with the ROS.  A “protem’ committee has already been set up and their tasks will be to look into the membership,committees,education,activities and foundation purposes.

There will be interesting times ahead for this dayak based graduates association says a spokesman in John Antau linggang who was not shy to be interviewed. We will be looking at about 300-500 membership for starters.

Moreover this association will be dedicated exclusively to the needs of  lawyers/graduates and the community service projects will be ones that they will feel most passionately. Everyone expects and we will have to deliver or we will be left behind says the spokesman to audie61.