SPDP 5 “One for all, all for one”

Whatever that has flowed below the bridge stays and will not be scooped out and displayed as “dirty linen to the public.’ William Mawan SPDP President who was awarded “Tan Sri” on the Kings Birthday according to an privilege source will be hoping that the “5 Separatists” will sit in and attend the upcoming  Supreme Council meeting.

The State elections are over and lets work and deliver what we promise to the constituents so that SPDP will remain relevant or it will face the consequences if the people thinks we are still at odds. There is no better way than to deliver instead of ‘hearing rumours’ of unhappiness and looking for ways to dethrone the President and his merry man.

It does appear on the ground and on some of the groups lips now that the motto of the French musketeers of 1844 is being used by the Separatists 5 “One for all, all for one” They have been adviced by some HIDDEN HANDS that they are to stay loyal to each other through thick and thin. The earlier skirmishes before the elections will turn to battles which if not controlled will really turn ugly and will not benefit the party.

Some would very much want to see the parties end this uneasiness within the party but it seems the wound is too deep to heal. It has already scarred too many prominent personalities in the party and the sooner the TDC the better it will be for the party. It does seem that the 5 are trying to exploit the Presidents weakness and find a gap which they can enter to unseat him. The President does not bow to their wishes and its up to the separatists to chart their course…


Much though will depend on a number of factors in the coming week for them to gauge and the situation at the moment favours the President as he has just been awarded a Tan Sri. He is being recognised and whatever and however stubborn the group might be they have to acknowledge that he is still the legitimate President.

There are SPDP voices who are saying lets get it out and show yourselves in the next TDC instead of trying to break up the party through this method of politicking which is very unhealthy. Those who work hard and get enough support will deserve to be voted in like the just concluded PAS 57th muktamar.

SPDP is still in its infancy and we need to learn from the more established political parties to stay relevant to be voted in by the people at every State and Federal elections.

Much has been written and spoken of  about the SPDP 5 disgruntled voices and unhappiness but Mawan is still the accomodating person which has indeed spoilt their plans of unseating him. He remains cool and collected and will not just issue any unnecessary statements. He knows any false move will jeopadise his position and the party will be embroiled in infighting which as a BN coalition partner will be open for attacks by the opposition front.

More than a year ago today,on April 20th 2010 we wrote this “SPDP “Truth be Told” and true enough they have bought time and came back as “One for all,all for one” The other matter to take into consideration is that they have slowly chewed the hand that feeds them and got back at him. They are back as a team and withholding any replacement in their place and not guilottine  its time to strike back.

It’s reverberating loud and clear as the Separatists 5 and merry man are harping on the corridors of power. They will go all out and bow to their masters the ‘Hidden Hands” needs and they will be building their forces and trying to recruit the inbetweens or neutrals to their side.

After all they have proven and will be telling their supporters and grassroots that very much like taking a leaf out of Switzerland’s motto they will”evoke a sense of duty, solidarity and party unity for the young party.’

Mawan knows that and he too will counter-react in a different way very much unlike theirs

We are ” One for all, all for one”

Mawan will not show hand justs yet…!!