UMNO/BN Bloggers “Not up to Scratch..??””

This article by Bernama and it relates to what Vice President Ahmad Zahidi Hamidi has said. Basically,there are some HOME TRUTHS. From what we gathered there are too many who are looking at numbers and how much HITS they can get instead of getting to the real issues of “ENGAGEMENT WITH THE ENEMY” 

Technically no doubt mosts of them are gifted but when it comes to the real issues at hand they are not looking through the eys of the politicians nor the public at large. On a number of occasions they drifted so far away from what counts as turning support into votes and many political secretaries/boys have to take the time and effort to guide them through and get them back on track.


Some think their articles or spins are worth so much that they are have become mercenaries. They have veared from their original focus point to assist the political parties of their choice and instead have become liabilities to their political masters. Discipline and following the rules are no more in their vocalbury.

 Of course,Zahid will not want to go into the details and if he does he will be in for a rough ride and will not know how and WHAT HIT him. The number of unlisted and independant bloggers have surged eversince 308. Pakatan took it to BN then and now BN is fighting back to capture cyberspace but at a very heavy costs. The UMB of the political parties are not only fighting Pakatan but also the enemy from within.  

Their ears are like satellite links and their eyes are watching and connecting to your heartbeat. Ask any UMB BN blogger and they will have the same story to tell you. There will hold back and have reservations no doubt as they are so afraid to be cut off from the main team.

There is no HOLE where they cannot reach and they will try whatever to get their article to be so far fetched or believable to earn respect from their peers in the cyber world.


Read below and let your brains dissect it to FIT who you are and where it will TAKE YOU….Oooh I say some can’t even understand English..Soon they will misquote this article and time to bash,bash and bash. 

REALITY HURTS>>>>>>Oooh Ah..

 BENTONG 12 Jun — UMNO perlu mewujudkan “unit tempur siber” yang lebih bersistematik dan mantap bagi menangani isu-isu yang dibangkitkan pembangkang dalam alam siber.

Naib Presiden UMNO, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi berkata, unit tempur siber parti ketika ini dilihat tidak memberikan perincian serta penghayatan pada sesuatu isu sehingga gagal menyampaikan maklumat kepada kumpulan sasar.

Malah, katanya, unit berkenaan juga selalu kalah dalam menjawab isu-isu yang dibangkitkan pembangkang dalam media baru itu.

“Berbanding pembangkang, mereka (unit siber) dikumpulkan dan mengupas isu mengikut tafsiran masing-masing yang kebanyakannya menjurus ke arah membelasah kerajaan.

“Padahal kita ada kumpulan yang lebih besar tetapi mungkin satu unit tempur siber yang bersistematik perlu diwujudkan bagi membalas segala serangan,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan persidangan perwakilan UMNO Bahagian Bentong di sini, hari ini. – Bernama