JPN”Sibu not part of Sarawak now…??”

The English tabloid pick up the story of ADUN Hannah Yeohs attempt of registering her daughter as “Anak Malaysia” but was told by the JPN officers that the system does not allow it. Well,thats another part of the story.  Sarawak and Sabah JPN officers were told to comment on the issue and  this is what they came out with.

1, JPN Sibu- Parents registering their child at birth must strictly follow the paternal race. 2. JPN Sabah- Parents are allowed to choose one of the races for their newborn. 3. JPN Sarawak-Parents were required to fill out a declaration form if they want to choose their preferred race for their child.

No wonder Najib’s 1Malaysia is facing problems. It seems the officers in the departments are not checking with or does not know their own departments bylaws and are harping out different tunes. Different set of rules for the Same State… 

Have they suddenly decided,”Sibu is not part of Sarawak..??”

We must thank ADUN Subang Jaya Hannah Yeoh for bringing out the issue or else the JPN Sarawak officers must have forgotten their bearings. Sibu must be spelt CEBU.. 

They failed their Geography by the way