BN “Wake Up Call…!!”

As the country prepares itself for the next GE13 PBB Youth Exco Radin Kadri has set the”cat amongst the pigeons” What a Wake up call and he has certainly hit the chord which has ‘got some leaders worried and looking over their shoulders” It sure is an uneasy feeling and they will have many a sleepless night.

A corporate manager who is a member of the party told us “When you play with fire sooner or later it will burnt you.He knows that some youth exco’s are trying to put it right but “some within the factions if there” are any are out of sync. Would you bet your last dollar that the next statement from the Central Youth Wing would be,” All is well within.There is nothing wrong in the youth body and please dont let your speculations become an issue.” 

Baseless allegations as always needs to be substantiated and Radin will certainly and is ready to show that he just will not come out to speak to the press/media if he doesn’t have the necessary document or proof with him. He knows that BN faces a ‘crucial GE13″ and any wrong move or infighting will be of no good to the coalition. 

Whatever and Whichever way you look at it he has indeed been brave enough to openly put his position  into jeorpardy. He certainly could be ‘hauled up for disciplinary action and will be asks before the board to substantiate his claims.” If the PBB hierarchy feels that he is right and his remarks justifiable they will “reward him in due course” and if not a rather serious consequence would fall on him. 

Radin has given “BN A WAKE- UP Call

The media article:-

KUCHING: The Youth wing of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) should come up with evidence to support their claims of the presence of traitors within the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

The call was made on Saturday by PBB vice president Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman, who is also Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department and Tupong assemblyman.

“We don’t want baseless accusations that can undermine the party,” he said when responding to a call made by an exco member Radin Kadri Radin Budiman on all component parties of the state Barisan Nasional to be wary of the presence of traitors in their midst.

Radin made the call last Friday when commenting on a speech made by Tarat assemblyman Roland Sagah in the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) last Thursday that Sarawak would lose its autonomy if the traitors’ secret agenda were realised.

Radin even urged PBB to carry out its internal investigation to ensure that the party does not have any dubious character as its member.

“Whether these persons who collaborate with foreigners are from the opposition or PBB, the leadership has to investigate because only after they are identified can we know whether they are PBB leaders or corporate personalities, and know the full extent of their conspiracies,” said Radin.

Meanwhile, the chief political secretary to the chief minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, who is also Asajaya assemblyman, denied there were traitors in PBB.

“As far as I know, there are no traitors,” he said, adding: “May be Radin (Kadri) knows better.”

Karim, also PBB supreme council member, said Radin should have identified the traitors and not simply make a sweeping statement.

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Tan Sri Dr James Masing also joined the fray to rebuke Radin over his style of politics.

Masing, also Land Development Minister, said he had no worry about the traitor issue because his party had undergone a house-cleaning process some time ago to purge out people of such characters.

“BN should not tolerate ‘traitors’ in its fold. (However), we don’t have such characters in PRS at the moment. We have done our house cleaning of such characters a few years ago,” said the Baleh assemblyman.

Sagah, in his speech when debating the address of the Head of State in the DUN said it was known that there were Sarawakians who actively collaborated with foreigners in London, elsewhere and even within the state under cover with the aim to topple the BN.