GE 13 “People Power Decides…..!!”

In the last General elections and the by-elections that followed the people of the constituencies have spelt it out to the ruling coalitions/political parties. Many political observers are putting their necks on the chopping blocks and are pretty sure that “only those hardworking,reliable and truthful” present MPs stand a chance of winning or retaining the seats.

 The 3 criterias are what the people want and not only paper certificates. A rural voter from Mas Gading P192 on the same breakfast table interjected and said,”We need politicians who can serve , not shout and promise. We have given them chances and enough of FALSE PROMISES politicians” Is he sending out a signal..?

The group unanimously agreed on the statement of truthful,hardworking and reliable.They clarified by pointing it out…..

When the people say ‘truthful-it means those who fail to deliver their promises might just forget it. The world is globalised,technological advances and most computers are just a touch away. Those who daydreams to be given a second chance might just want to prepare for their PENSION.”

When the people say “reliable-it means those who never say NO and are seen working on the constituency during the weekends and even are available on WEEKDAYS when the constituency committees requests their presence. {Excusable though if they send representatives when they are caught up on official functions. }

When the people say hardworking- it means that they must be seen hardworking for their constituency and not hardworking to “fill up their own” pockets. Its not a passport for them to enrich themselves.

The people will decide and the political parties need to listen to the ground level and go through a very thorough process to ensure their candidates will stand a chance to be voted in. The GE13 will be soon as many predicted some even put it as 11/11/11 which according to numerologists is a very good day for polling date.

Of course those who win on this date will be one of the 222 Malaysian Parliamentarians.

It’s after all the PEOPLE’s POWER who will DECIDE..



(Informed by wordpress that this is audie61 1313 posting….)