Reshuffle “Any Expectations…??”

The Sarawak August House assembly will adjourn sine-die as of tomorrow. We expect the newly elected assemblyman from both houses to bring back with them many good and pleasant memories.

The next question on mosts political observers would be,” Who will join the Sarawak Cabinet as the New Assistant Ministers/Ministers/Deputy Chief Minister.?”

The longer serving assemblyman who would be considered to be in the line up for Assistant Ministers comes from the lists of:-

N16 Bengoh- Jerip Susil, N1 Opar- Ranum Mina, N14 Asajaya- Karim Hamzah, N4 Pantai Damai-Abdul Rahman Junaidi , N22 Sebuyau-Julaihi Narawi and N17 Tarat-Roland Sagah Wee Inn

Will they be any Female Assistant Ministers in the new line up..?

The same goes with who will be the new Deputy Chief Minister as the posts is still vacant due to the loss of George Chan in the lasts state elelctions. It is the prerogative of the Chief Minister and we might even be in for a few surprises.

Shall we tell you…..!!!