“Implications on Suspended 3”

The hype and the tension over the past few months over the issue of the SPDP 5 plus 3 has finally been answered. In the Supreme council held last Friday the Separatists 5 YBs were spared the “guilottine” as they have absent themselves with a written apology. However the 3 Supreme council members George Garai, Peter Gani and Eda Egar were not spared.

Have they forgotten to read Article 16 Clause 18 and Clause 32 or even Clause 35 of theSPDP party  constitution.? 

For the benefit of the readers at large ‘Clause 18″ states: All members of the supreme council shall hold office immediatedly from the date of their election or appointment until the next Triennial General Assembly until such time that the member resigns,is expelled from the party,disqualified for any reason whatsoever or dies.

THE Supreme Council has ruled that in Clause 32 and followed after much deliberations though painful it may seem but the party is firm that the suspension of the 3 is in accordance to the clause. It reads,”Any member who fails to attend three(3) consecutive Supreme Council Meetings without written explanation to the Secretary general shall automatically cease to be a supreme council member.

It must be noted that 18(c) of the ROS article also clearly states that any grievances or unhappiness should not be challenged in the courts and the power of authority lies in the Supreme Council of the party. Clause 35 (a) to (m) of the party constitution protects the party from any liabilities of wrongful dismissal or suspension of any particular member.

The legal implications might not even surface but the political implications is what matters as the State elections is just around the corner. When met today George Garai said,”Im suspended and the 5 Ybs are not. There are so many other political platforms and one consideration is of course PKR.” George knows very well that no other BN parties will accept him in unless he has been out from SPDP for a year or more. 

Even a political observer has mentioned to audie61 that the action that was taken by the party is correct and they should know where they stand and its not up to the party to “kowtow ‘ to them. Given these scenario even PKR will not be too desparate to bring them in the fold and as such they might just find themselves tossed into a political scrapheap” and into oblivion

A close aide to the President when contacted by audie61 said,” We wish them all the bests and if their minds are to join the Opposition PAKATAN fold its simple,”If they are not with us anymore,they are against us. It’s their true colours but we practise democracy and we gave them their chances of reconciliation and the party has to move on as it prepares for the elctions.”  

SPDP will come out of this Separatist 5 plus 3 episode the much stronger and they will be others who are ready to fill the vacuum. It must be noted that no one is above the party and no one person is indispensable. The guidelines of the party constitution protects the party from just being merely a CIRCUS

SPDP and the Supreme Council has practised DEMOCRACY and as such its ideals and credibility are INTACT.  


8 thoughts on ““Implications on Suspended 3”

  1. these 3 are small flies but they are the annoying ones. Good for SPDP to get rid of them. The bigger ones will be fired soon too if they remain outside. They do not have too much cloud left..

  2. Clever clever squirrel jump, at times falls also to the ground.

    Carry on brother Billy. Keep up your humble and non manipulative politics. We see that you are the correct materials for the DCM position when Tan Sri Jabu retires.

    Leave the obselete dropout to a “trieneken party” for collection.

    Selamat Bulan Puasa

  3. nothing left for them to fight… keep it simple. small flies but big impact on the party i say… having a useless presiden that cant handle the party… no point of keeping yourself there.. retired with a dignity and principilty!

  4. My barn is full, let drinks, eat, party and be merry said the fool…and a voice from heaven said, you fool tonight your soul be required of you. Likewise spdp, prs, supp and pbb shall go along this path. Their fall shall be great, esp Mawan…..because when opportunities are given to you, you should mend your ways.

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