SPDP “Truth be Told”

When all hell has broken loose and tempers flared one tends to be lost in the mayhem. It was exactly the case for this SPDP SC who said,”We are taking our time and let things cool and after the State Elections we move according to the CM”

He feels a bit of remorse as he has turn against the party that he was instrumental in building it up to be a strong partner in the BN coalition. He does feel that the burnt bridge  is repairable as judging from his body language .The  tone of voice are hallmarks of a person feeling a deep sense of regret.

SPDP as a party was rock solid and it seems that all was well. Suddenly due to some ones over-exuberance of the HIDDEN HANDS behind the group the dare of moving away from SPDP became a reality.

It was just to rock the foundations of the party and not to disrupt the unity within the party. Why rock..? The real reason amongst all other insignificant political hoo-hahs  or agendas was of course ” Posts Taib Era.” 

The power game has already started and the pawns are all being used to tests each others strength. It seems that its the right time to build the armies to ensure when the CMs posts is up for grabs these so called ” warlords with their armies” will have a bearing on the destiny of the top posts. 

Surely the SC member was following the instructions and he steadfastly stood behind the Separatist 5. He was told in not so many words “Just follow instructions”

The truth of the matter when the dusts has settled after so many rounds from the AK47 was CM said,STAY COOL. ”

Who is to be blame..? What happens next..? Will they be reconciliation..? Will the group ‘Separatists5 plus 3 SC” disintegrate and move back HOME individually.? 

Truth be told the BN cannot afford to have quarrels within the component parties as it prepares for the impending State Elections. Someone is trying to make the CM look vulnerable and weak but CM who has 29 years behind him as adminstrator for the State will come down hard when it matters mosts. The inner circles of the CM said to audie61,”They will NOT EVEN FEEL IT..Truth be told..” 

The SC member of SPDP is already feeling remorse what more those 5 legislators. SPDP President has already said it,”As long as they are still SPDP members I will treat them as one of us and nothing else. ”

audie61 knows after a brief  meeting recently that Mawan is open to negotiations and his dictionary does not contain the words,”disgreements” and the Olive Branch has been extended.

 SPDP will just wait for the homecoming and though the scars are proof of  a nasty battle the wounds in time will heal. The SPDP SC member has already more than initiated the move back. Will all follow suit.…???

15 thoughts on “SPDP “Truth be Told”

  1. Unofficial Observer says:

    The time has been extended to after Gawai. Thanks to the Bandar Sibu by-election. Enjoy your Gawai break folks!

  2. phyllis says:

    Well the SC member should know every wrong move you have to pay dearly. If you are wrong you have to kowtow back and expect to be in the cold freezer.

  3. The Truth says:

    BN is living on borrowed time too. If Taib is no more there will be major upheavels. That is how it will be. Believe me!

  4. San S says:

    The 5 Spdp YBs will be made to outdo themselves soon. Who will be coming back 1st is the question now. Everyone will be asking their macais shall we be first?

  5. Cornell says:

    Very true it seems Mawan has come out of all these crisis in SPDP a true stateman and a cool President. He has won many friends.

  6. The Twins says:

    Time clicking away for the SPDP YBs wo have sounded their displeasure. either they come back or else they will be played out during the state elections. without a doubt they will be new faces.

  7. Mata Kuching says:

    In BN politics under Taib, each component party is given only ONE APPLE. Who do you think will get to enjoy the apple and is there any room for negotiations and sharing of the apple?

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
      Methink FROGS will get bigger SHARE :arrow: Example is that Perak frog shorty HEE gets promote to TOK now like GRANDMOTHER-tok :lol:

  8. Spdp member says:

    Like 99.9% dayaks, they only keep their grievances inside and pretend it ok outside. When they cannot bottled it up no longer they exploded at the wrong time. Entri and the others, are right, but their timing is wrong. If u want to talk about principle, do it during the TGA, fight it out. After TGA it the time to recoup and consolidate, leave it for the next TGA to fight it out- if u r not happy stand against Mawan….be a man, dont listen too much to that lady advisor of yours!!!

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