Are you watching,”Liverpool..??”

The usual taunting of Manchester United Fans on Liverpool as they lifted the Premier League is unbearable. Now one can also hear ousted PM Thaksin sending a ‘plea” to his supporters “Don’t leave me dying in the desert.” What exactly do you think that Larry Sng(son in law of tycoon Ting Pek Khiing and son of former MP Sng Chee Hua) is sending out now. HE NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING  before he goes down the same path as Richard Wong( son of former SNAP president). Is Larry echoing his thoughts through Snowdon once a strong ally before Snowdon abandonship and join James on the advise of PBB hierarchy.

Everyone wants to be associated with WINNERS and Larry eventhough he is not an MU fan he will under pretences to say so just to please the top boy ‘Najib” who is an ardent fan. This political landscape is being PIECED TOGETHER  to accomodate the undivided link for the super powers in the State and Federal levels.

Is Snowdon looking far beyond the terraces? One political watcher has even told me just after Sunday service that the three young boys in Sulaiman,Larry and Snowdon are finetuned to take over the state adminsitration.In the Federal level deputy ministers Fadhillah and Entulu will be elevated. Just put it this way,”What difference is there in MU eventhough Ronaldo has left for Real Madrid.? MU has the team spirit which is missing in Liverpool. So Sulaiman to helm the ship with Larry and Snowdon its a “GOLDEN TRIANGLE” similar to Taib,George and Jabu. But be mindful this three YBs have all go  the S’s” with them. Its a clear sign don’t you think..?

Its unusual for Snowdon to generate an interests so early as the Party elctions are not due for another year. The Hidden Hands are already mixing the CONCOCTIONS to be served and Snowdon put it timely last night at his constituency at Balai Ringgin.

This is the extracted version from the internet blog,”Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) vice president, Snowdan Lawan told Sarawak Update that the party president and deputy president should not be contested comes the Triennial Delegate Conference, end of the year or next year.

“Masing and Entulu are very capable leaders who can lead PRS to greater height, and earned Barisan Nasional (BN) respect at State and Federal level,” he said.

However, when speaking at the Ngiling Bidai function shortly after that Snowdan stressed that PRS is a democratic party,  healthy competition and change of leadership is good for the party future.

I’m sure Donald Lawan has not forgotten that he needs to thank Sng Chee Hua for his efforts in putting and assisting his son to be a PRS YB. On July 2nd 2005 in Bintulu, Sng was charging on and “shouting at” at John Sikie in the SC and it signalled the start of the first PRS crisis. The bottom line was ,the words ” LIKE FATHER LIKE SON ” Of course they are all allies in the PBDS fight but since then all their political agendas are being put to great usage by the super powers. The rests is history so they say but it does come back to haunt some.

najib announce new cabinet lineup 090409 07The bigger picture and a more viable political landscape is needed to ensure that Sarawak remains a BN bastion.  PKR and Pakatan are genuine threats but it will be nullified. Now,Najib and Muhyddin are turning to their old friends/allies Sng ,Bustari and Tycoon Ting. Donald is being dragged into this GOLDEN POND to ensure that this dynasty would lasts another 10 years or more depending on how the game unfolds. Donald would not want to be at the terraces shouting but he would very much like to RUB SHOULDERS with those in the EXECUTIVE BOXES in MU. Liverpol can wait for another decade as far as Donald is concern.


PBB Ibans are very much under the wraps and watchful eyes of the PBB Political Assasins. SPDP and SUPP will follow as long as the carrots keeps coming but PRS has been proven and is still today a really problematic grandson of SNAP. A former journalists said to audie61,”Politics always comes one big round. How very true..!!” One must not also discount that PRS/SPDP merger will happen overnight.” Sources close to the present golden triangle are also toying with the idea of BN3 to face the ever growing threat of PKR in Sarawak.

My niece a Liverpool fan was wearing the Tshirt  ‘ Knowledge is King ”  and I told her MU has learnt ,rectified and put in a TEAM capable to withstand the challengers  for a number of years to come.Sarawak when you can vote in 4 years time will still be BN unless the new voters decides otherwise. I told her to read SKY’s “ Taming the Political beast” as she was ready to follow my grandad’s footsteps and venture into the WORLD OF POLITICS.

Will she be able to make it..? This i leave to an extract from SKY,” In my ageing mind, all political parties are a necessary evil in Malaysia. You cannot really live with them, and you cannot live without them.

There will be many who will contradict the political watchers theory of  GOLDEN TRIANGLE but in todays MALAYSIAN politics nothing ever surprises us anymore.

We say as always,”MU will still be the team to beat in the coming Premier League season. ..Any bets..!!”

30 thoughts on “Are you watching,”Liverpool..??”

  1. Shiro says:

    Well written and very imaginative. Great Piece it could happen as you say the golden triangle but will it materialise? Anyday I am a Giggs fan.(MU)

  2. queen bee says:

    So hostage88 is in Kl. Wonder which team he supports. Must be Liverpool as he is always with Dominique and Lina.(Failures)

  3. toothless Tiger says:

    Larry is now toothless but his advantage is his three generals Ting ,his dad and MONEY$$$$$$. No money no talk.

  4. Lesley D says:

    In this case lets sing another song to PKR, I love to walk by the seaside, I love to fly like a hornbill and I love to “S@#T” on them.hahaha. The golden triangle rules…

  5. vicky says:

    Are you saying,This is the END of James Masing..?? Maybe u are correct as he is already full in his stomach. I pity those surrounding him

  6. Energised man says:

    I come back as I am an MU fan. Liverpool keep on dreaming and good luck maybe in 5 years time when Stevan Gerrard retires. As for article great work..

  7. azmi t says:

    Strange bed partners but it may just work.Who knows and BN will do whatever to stay in power in Sarawak. Anwar will have to use another way to get hold of Sarawak. Besides that there is no use in suporting PKR as Anwar has abandon them, Good riddance to bad rubbish..

  8. sarawakman says:

    Let start the tales of 3 kingdoms again..very beneficial for leadership development… i hope they don’t end up killing each other like before…

  9. hostage88 says:

    So hostage88 is in Kl. Wonder which team he supports. Must be Liverpool as he is always with Dominique and Lina.(Failures)


    Support you if you wear skirts and have big boobs.

  10. hostage88 says:

    queen bee Says:

    June 28, 2009 at 2:37 pm
    So hostage88 is in Kl. Wonder which team he supports. Must be Liverpool as he is always with Dominique and Lina.(Failures)


    You if you have big boobs and can drink with me at Luconia.

  11. TV says:

    Dear Audie,
    You can metion what ever name you want and try to predict the outcome, but I tell you that come GE13, PR will form the goverment at federal and left sarawak state goverment under BN as an opposition state. In last GE12 166 seats in West malaysia, 86 won by BN and 80 won by PR. After Kuala Terengganu by election the tally become 85-81. The results also showed that most of seat won by BN have majority less 2K whereas won by PR majority is more that 5K and some >10K like Permatang Pauh. Recent survey showed that if the election held now with 6 million new voters PR will will >100 seats in semenanjung therefore ot need another 12 seats from Sabah and Sarawak to form the federal goverment. Sabah and Sarawak have 56 seats and now PR have 4 seats (SAPP 2 and DAP 2), so PR need just another 8 seats to get 112 seats a magic number to form Federal Govt. where 8 seats come from? it can be Sarikei, BN won by 56, Limbang BN won by 600 votes, Sibu, Lanang, and from Sabah as well.
    Also remember umno are in trouble in Terenggau, Perlis and Perak as well
    In conclusion please feel free to predict who will be main player in sarwak politics but dont forget to know who will form the federal goverment as well come GE 13.
    Good Luck Sarawak BN

  12. queen bee says:

    So hostage88 Lina have big boobs is it . Thats why Dominique and you can carry them. You are a filthy guy and u are a moronic male chauvinistic pig.

  13. ursula says:

    hostage88 lost his class today. He is not worth a pinch of salt. by the way i heard that Sulaiman has instructed his hatchet man to rid of this malay lawyer. Many ways they say and James will try to stop it as . Trouble ahead for the lawyer..

  14. Prince Caspian says:

    The golden Triangle looks very promising. Is TV so jealous of Sarawak? You have your PKR agenda and we have our BN. Stay focus on your Anwar sodomy case and u will know soon.

  15. jhen says:

    This snowdon guy has too many secrets to tell. He would not dare to disturb James as is cupboard is full of stroies to unveil.hik hik hik

  16. lynne says:

    Heard that Entulu is also an MU fan now. James better beware as what Enntulu does is he is buying time. Tedewin will not know anymore as Entulu is now smarter and more gungho.

  17. superblonde says:

    James your lawyers days numbered. He is dividing the dayaks and we will not have that. He better watch his step.

  18. John Dyke says:

    Liverpool always say next season will be their year(repeatedly)but they always finished behind Man U…they lost their wining mentality,just like PRS…

  19. public says:

    I cannot agree more with Hulk.. Entulu should watch out for this lawyer. How can a PBB allied lawyer be in PRS and at the same time divide and rule the party?? I wonder how many ppl is this lawyer serving…My sources said he intentionally ill-advised James to start the PRS internal crisis 3 years ago.. Looks like he did a very good job… The then No. 2 was chopped into pieces..MACC should have a file on him… bet he pocketed alot of $$$$$ for his brilliant strategy.. So Goodluck Entulu…

  20. Hulk says:

    Another rumours to share….. Lawyer used to drive a normal sedan….Now he has big car with a driver…..we better join politics…or we will miss out all the perks…

  21. Revealed K says:

    All is not well as Snowdon already revelaed in todays Borneo posts. Is he pushing the trigger to Entulu’s head? James will be well advised to kill off Entulu before too late.

  22. naz says:

    I agree with public’s comments.Food for thought:- Who was this lawyer before he took advantage of the PRS crisis? If James does not get rid of him politically byebye James. That is 100% sure.
    Wah also Huljk said he is now chaffeur driven. Big thing this Snwodon is not being driven round.Melayu ini hebat ..

  23. caroline j says:

    I read all this comments with interests. so many are willing to go against James and his malay lawyer. Entulu,Snowdon are not angels too. Interesting though and an observation is this malay guy/lawyer so good that Abdul Razak baginda lost out to him? Has he got any scandals to tell..Fill us in as this PRS crisis 2 is getting a bit warmer.

  24. TV says:

    Good luck BN sarawak. you soon be the only Bn opposition control state, because other state in West will be PR base on the 6 million new voters. Anwar is not important so either he win or lose sodomy 11, PR will form the next goverment, oop sorry next federal gomen

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