PM Najib,CM Taib”Similarities-Prerogative..Hmmm..”

In politics when one sits at the helm there will come a time when decisions made are for the bests of interests for the whole TEAM. Najib is clearly in that mold when he masterly used the art of “DIVIDE AND RULE CONCEPT” for the PPP crisis. He was officating at the 56th PPP annual general assemblyand the phrase he used sounds too familiar.

CM Taib and Najib are all using the word PREROGATIVE which no one would surely question. This is the extract from Malaysiakini portal,”In an apparent move to appear neutral in the PPP dispute, Najib said the appointment of deputy ministers are his sole prerogative and that Murugiah was someone supportive of BN.

“He is not somebody who is against BN. He is very supportive of BN, its policies and leadership,” he said.

The question on most Sarawak political analysts lips is that now,” Will Larry Sng (Assistant Minister In CM Taibs cabinet be saved by the PM’s very words of Prerogative.?” This remains to be answered as speculations are that of an imminent Sarawak cabinet reshuffle. Seems Larry is very much a BN Man. Dont you agree..??

We will not know just yet what is in the mind of CM Taib and Larry will be hoping that he is still maintained. PRS and James Masing will surely look at this development very closely.

We say as always,”PM and CM obviously knows what is bests. We need not question should we..??”