” Restless Souls in PKR Sarawak “

It is not even the ” 7th month of the Chinese Calendar  ” when the living remembers their love ones and pays homage to them. According to a editorial staff of an English Tabloid the bickering which is out in the open in PKR Sarawak is ,”Music to the Ears of BN Sarawak” Its a death wish for those who thinks that they can bring the PKR leadership to their knees.

There were a number of calls to Bugi,Natasha and Cindy of audie61 requesting for the name of the new party. This is in the pipeline if and when the negotiations breaksdown after the petition to Anwar is not  entertained. Why are these restless souls doing and contemplating on such actions? Isn’t this  also a way of writing their own DEATH WISH.  Seems Sakawi is a mouthpiece for the whole group adds a PKR member..?  

Over the past few days it has simmered to boiling point as this report shows and even a PKR senior member said,”We should not discount the possibilities of them leaving. Of course,its a Natural Political Process of flushing out the disgruntled and insincere members. PKR will not be stand in their way and will not be held at GUN-POINT .Can you tell them..!!” 

Todays tabloids had the PKR Sarawak liason chief  Mustaffa Kamil Ayub fighting back the claims and allegations by a divisional chief. He said,”There are proper channels within the party for members to lodge complaints and address their grievances.I will have to first get the feedback and explantaions form Piee and Zulrusdi on the actual situation.

Audie61 learnt he is overseas at the moment and from our brief encounter with Mustaffa we know that he will listen to feedbacks first before and will not just jump the gun and fire like an AK47’s.

The whole report is in todays local tabloids and it seems PKR Sarawak is getting its fair share of tabloid coverage.  Reporters with the local tabloids smell that some BLOOD IS ABOUT TO BE SPILLED ” and are now busying themselves trying to be the first to get their articles published.  Will they get anything more from the restless SOULS..?? Or will the reporters turn to get the information from the proper channels within PKR Sarawak..??

We say as always,”Why are they so impatient and they should have just waited a little longer for the 7th month in the Chinese Calendar..!!!