SPDP Wong Judat..Hedging Choices Over..!!

On May 1st this appeared in Borneo Post which we quote” “How can I quit BN and SPDP? I am a strongman of SPDP. I am a strong BN supporter. I brought the seat of Meluan to SPDP and therefore to BN.”

Today Wong Judat has more than ruffled up a few feathers and his Hedging with SWP,SPDP.PRS and also to boosts his personal value is very much coming to an end. He has indeed put the party SPDP in the back burner and wants to project himself as a champion of the truth.

His personal ego and battle against Joseph Salang Vice President of PRS is due mainly to the “stalled RM3 million Nanga Entabai-Rantau Limau road project.” Salang had explained on the reasons for the divertion of funds but Judat just cannot accept the fact that the funds were stolen right under his noses.

We received from an informed source that Salang is only too happy to await for Wong Judat to challenge him as the incumbent for Julau. The source says “let him come as our personal differences or his vendetta is making him Wong losing sleep. I am ready for whatever eventualities says Salang

Wong Judats outpouring of emotions and going for broke only if Salang is chosen as candidate for GE13 has put a dampener on his hedging stances. It does appear that noises from within SWP in that the President is not too happy with Wong Judats “fast and furious ways and also over enthusiastic TEMPER. The Party SWP is going for 6 seats and if Salang is not chosen Wong Judat will not stand.

WHERE DOES THIS PUT SWP SURELY IN A DILEMMA? It will indeed throw a spanner in the works of SWP and it will benefit PRS is the voice from within.  

Wong Judat needs to make his own choices very soon. He either forgos his Vice Presidents posts in SPDP (failing which it will fall to the hands of the disciplinary committee)  or he resigns gentlemanly in which SPDP will have one less ADUN and left with 1 ADUN and 3 MPs.

His HEDGING DAYS are nearing the end but its also up to him to make a choice as the party SPDP will not want to get into loggerheads with PRS.

The BN component parties needs to stay united and in solidarity as it faces its toughest yet General Elections which will be called by the PM very soon.

16 thoughts on “SPDP Wong Judat..Hedging Choices Over..!!

    • Harmony Act allows people to criticise govt and leaders as this will serve as a check and balance for the govt to realise its weakness.

      In Swak,business as usual Jangan Lawan Tawkey or famous status quo,Who can they lie and cheat ?

  1. Till the mama sings this wong matter has not end.

    Where is this masing’s lawsuit against SWP. maybe masing does not know where SWP office is.

    Bring out you loot masing and let the voters rejoice.

  2. Time for Judat to wake up from his dreams. SPDP will live to fight another day and its no point to fight PRS as SWP is doing it for them. Judat wake up lah!

  3. Perkasa says Malays are as good as Chinese in all fields.

    Ist class graduates, Chinese ,9293 or 74.17 %, Malays 2608 or 20.81 %, Indian 476 or 3.8 % others 152, or 1.21 %, of total 12529.

    Malays make up 60 % of higher learning institutions while Chinese makes up less than 20 %

    2012-2013 intake Bumi 27455,cina 8986.

  4. Great people talk ideas,average people talk things and small people talk about other people.

    What type of people you are ?

  5. UMNO-BN and MCA semua boleh,Ling Liong Sik didnt know he signed a letter containing lies.

    First Manager O C Pang does not know what is cash flow but can hold the post of multibillion firm.Semua boleh in BN.

    A PMR holder of UMNO branch can become CEO of Mas or Proton.

  6. Wong for me is just good to be in DUN which allow to speak Sarawak and Iban (???). To be an MP need to have knowledge and good command of Bahasa Malaysia. With the qualification and quality he have I don”t think he can survive. Wong likes to quarrel, argue even small matters with Tuai Rumah even with his own supporter . The level of debate in Parliament is so much different from DUN. For me Wong Judat is not qualify to be a candidate.

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