GE13 “699 Days and Counting..??”

Talks and speculations are rife that “The Feel Good factor” for the GE13 will coincide together with the Sarawak State elections. Sarawak’s state elections can be called anytime between now and the cutoff period which is 699 days.

The Art of Diversion practised by the BN government will be tested to the fullest and all other political strategies or ‘inAuspicious dates” being mentioned will be termed ‘Irrelevant”.What is relevant will be the day CHOSEN to fit the PM Najib and his counterparts to ensure a BN comfortable win.

Many factors are in place especially with BN having an IRON GRIP in Sarawak and Sabah and  development promises are being kept to ensure the peoples of Sarawak and Sabah are with the Federal government. PM Najib has urged his MPs and ADUNS in both states to “Walk their Talk

Its no use to complain but seemingly one does not perform. Audie61 has been harping on this subject on elected representatives not performing and even Anwar as opposition leader does not take too kindly on underperforming  YBs.(Penanti was a good example)

It clearly shows that the PM is clearly looking at a date which will catch the oppostion parties off guard and it only that FEEL GOOD FACTOR that will deter him from calling a GE13. Obviously there are certain skeletons hanging which needs to be addressed but its the general concensus which will determine whether he pushes for a FRESH MANDATE. Some political watchers are saying,”PM Najib is history as he always traces memories.”

One should remember though it is through history that we learn to LIVE TO FIGHT A GENUINE BATTLE.” The days of his late Father Tun Razak were different and the communications technology were/are not as advanced as todays. These days a touch of button will ensure that everyone is notified and both BN/Pakatan are only too aware.

The Unity talk of PAS/UMNO has captivated the online portal/smses/coffeehops but this is the diversionary techniques which the moles/spindoctors are capable of doing. Eventhough UMNO and BN knows that the people are not all with them but the BN Bastions are still the UNTOUCHABLES.

Don’t tell me for once that Pakatan will be able to wrestle these seats. The machinery/colour of money/moles are all deep rooted and only if and when the opposition can match 50% of its capabilities GE13 will still see BN stay in power.

The urban seats will obviously be the oppositions strongholds as the urban constituents will not waver with promises and they will vote with maturity as they will know who and which party can deliver and look after their interests. So Its not unusual to hear from Najib nor Anwar 1 year and a quarter after 308 that all YBs must perform and not take their positions lightly.

Obviously political parties on both sides of the divide are looking at PMs actions with genuine interests. They know he needs a Fresh Mandate and there are already speculations that July will be a very testing month for the Pakatan group. Anwars sodomy case is up for hearing and the Manek Urai by elections  also falls on this month.

 Sarawak is the trump card for PM and obviously 699 days away is not only just a number BUT something which will sway the FEEL GOOD FACTOR for GE13. PM has it close to his chests as he does his walkabouts in all the states to gauge the feelings himself.

So when DAP MP for Bandar Kuching  Chong Chieng Jen ruled out the possibility that a state elections would be called this year he must have done his homework and his mathematics. BN UMNO is not so particularly worried about the themselves but their coalition partners in SUPP,MCA,Gerakan and MIC. UMNO still has their strong supporters in certain states and they will not just disappear/whitewashed overnight.

The BN  partners are mostly urban based and these are concerns which will not be overcome overnight. Walking the Talks by the parties and their elected representatives are the fundamentals of the survival of the YBs. If they are too bigheaded and are just not bothered they will be sent home in GARBAGE/BODY BAGS. Enough Said……

We say as always,”Natasha got this from a BN YB,”Irrespectively whether you are opposition or ruling government it boilds down to WHAT AND HOW YOU CONDUCT YOUSELF .THE PEOPLE KNOW….