“3 Reasons for the Arsenal News Coverage”


Seems that MU/Liverpool will send most pulses missing a beat. Arsenal what is that team..? Under Arsene wenger they produce ‘ total ” football but  ran out of ideas to challenge the bests at the end of last season. It was made up of very young and upcoming footballers from different backgrounds /colour and race.

What we covered yesterday has some similarities but the young guns in this political landscape are tutored by the bests and who have vasts experience in this business for well over 50 years. Young and upcoming PRS Vice President who is considered one of the names in the ‘golden triangle” was quoted in the main stream media. He has indeed ruffled a few feathers in the PRS hierarchy and there is no more denial now in our earlier posts of “trouble brewing in PRS” where we asked a speculative and incisive question,”IS IT REAL..??”

Read more here “Not time to Change PRS leadership“. So what are the 3 reasons for Snowdon of all people to put up a STOP SIGN for those who sees a minute crack in the wall and ready to mobilize the forces for a showdown between James and Entulu. A close confidante of one of the ‘golden boys” simply put it as such. It’s Arsene Wenger’s ways and not Rafael Benitez: or Alex Ferguson’s.

  •  Seen as “good boy”in PRS and not taking sides
  • Throwing stones with left hand at the glass house but denying of any involvement
  • Telling Entulu the time is now as ‘Blessing” is assured.

Snowdon hotly tipped to be an Assistant Minister though a greenhorn in politics he has build up a reputation to be “ruthless” and not taking any prisoners. A political quality needed for survival in the most extreme of situations. The stage is set and its up to those involved to be ready. It has simmered for far too long between the families involved and the timing cannot be more perfect.

We say as always,”It’s a game and it has to end with winners and losers”

13 thoughts on ““3 Reasons for the Arsenal News Coverage”

  1. Hulk says:

    Snow-don’t but rain-yes might be holding a gun on his left and an olive branch on his right….Lets see to whom he extends his branch and points his gun at…With Donald duck standing behind snowman…the bullets is most likely aiming for James..

  2. tiger says:

    3 tigers in a mountain acceptable but two tgers no way. Entulu a fedral full minister and Snowdon and Larry still asst.minister y not with Sulaiman controlling the two of them. Great! James and his gangs days are numbered. Too many mistakes for CM to cover and time for him to relinquish his chair.

  3. PBDS Baru says:

    James get out before too late. See brokenshield with new party called “PADI” we are with you. Get rid of the mealanau regime and we will be happy.

  4. jhen says:

    Snowdon is another tool utilised by CM Taib. James no more use and James is not as cash and asset rich as Donald Lawan. U see the point

  5. queen bee says:

    Wats your comment hostage 88? we are waiting for you to join BN PRS. You are they say a PKR enemy as you are a spy for BN. U still want to deny that?

  6. ursula says:

    PRS is the dumping ground like PKR. PBB wannabees are all parking in PRS for the time being. No difference from PKR who have now many BN rejects. Snowdon will forever be safe with his father behind him and now he has Masir and Nyallau plus Mussen

  7. Top Boy says:

    You wan the reality.James and PRS are not worth the effort. Snowdon also should just join PBB since everything he refers to the Boss from Demak.

  8. Haji Sanusi says:

    In the politic world there is no such thing as not the right time to change leadership. Its changing eeryminute and One hour in Politics is a LONG TIME. wake up Mr SNOW. Malaysia only have Rain and Sun.

  9. bahtiah says:

    There are no good boys in politics. All for themselves and the only way for Entulu now is up and also snowdon fits in nicely. Word has it he is going for the youth Chief posts. Trueeee…an Mong is only going to feel rattled…Oooooh how..!

  10. hostage88 says:

    queen bee Says:

    June 29, 2009 at 4:54 pm
    Wats your comment hostage 88? we are waiting for you to join BN PRS. You are they say a PKR enemy as you are a spy for BN. U still want to deny that?


    I support PKR Batu Kawa? Who is candidate? Maybe I should tell PKR HQ that PKR Supporters do not allow a voter to support PKR Batu Kawa Candidate? But we are all wasting our time with clowns in PKR, so better sleep at home and not waste time.

    What say you? You think you are big time gangster to stop me dop what I want? Sorry la. You are hiding as annoymous making baseless assumptions and are the very reason why PKR is a joke in Sarawak.

    As a matter of fact when in KL, I say the same thing to some PKR bigwigs and even tell them to close shop.

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