PRS:”Masing’s Leadership Questionable..??”


It seems when we first asked the question …”Is it for Real..?” Nobody was too bothered nor even give a thought about it as its just another political spin doctors’ Doubles Game“. When all is well says a former PRS SC who has since joined PKR in the presence of some PBB youth boys,”the person in question seems suffocated and useless” Now everyone thinks it will be full blown like H1N1 but the PRS leadership has stepped in to quelled it all down.

As per this report from the internet portal which is extracted and posted here,”

A small bird called Sarawak Update saying that Joe Entulu has called James Masing, citing the noise are not more than Pakatan orchestrated “Pantomime”.Ironically, the small bird was defensive when asked why TDC had to be postponed to March/April.

The small bird refused to acknowledged that Joe Entulu is actually buying time, stressing that Masing and PRS are tackling the situation.“They are investigating who is the hidden hand out to destabilise PRS,” the bird whistle…

The bird said the problem was blown out of proportion by the Pakatan…

audie61 was joined this morning for a brief interview with Sarawak’s PKR Information Chief See Chee How who expressed regret that some sources have blamed PRS infightings and speculations have been all “COOKED UP” by Pakatan. In his capacity and as the states information chief he stressed that Pakatan has nothing to do ,”Whatsoever to be involved in PRS matters.This is BN’s party problems and we should stay out of it. We do not want to be implicated and also get our hands dirty.”

It seems just as we were about to file this report another article surfaced. This time its headlined,”Masing left with eight months” The full report here.

This part of the extracted article leaves a rather BAD TASTE IN the PRESIDENT’s Mouth” 

Many PRS leaders are now thinking otherwise. They find it very difficult to tolerate Masing brand of leadership.

I have been trying very hard to get PRS leaders speaking to my reporters, but none dare. Majority are observing some kind of “gag order”.It is learned that many things had happened in the past, especially Masing unwitty remarks against his YB that is deemed not a true blue PRS.

Well its already posted by the writer and its up to those who wants to interpret it correctly or therwise. We on our part are trying to stop this from being full blown and would like the PRS leadership to put a FULL STOP to it. How they do it remains to be unveiled by the sources from within PRS. All we know is that the Doubles Player is going for another KILL  The TDC they say is just another way of buying time as there are so many unresolved matters to be entertained.

We say as always,”James is the master tactician in this political GAME and he has learned from the BESTS..You know WHO…!!!