“Trouble Brewing In PRS..??”


Is it for Real..? It cannot be just so soon after the infighting which has decimated the party into half. The membership has since dwindled with at least 10000 members crossing over to the opposition parties in PKR and DAP. We have updates and the groundswell is that the No.2 Joseph Entulu has set his eyes on the No.1 Chair in Party Rakyat Sarawak(PRS)

What could have triggered this off? Has the Hidden Hands started pouring oil in the fire? Could the Puppet Masters have just attached another string at  Entulu’s back. It seems his financial backing and the number of YBs and MPs aligned to him far exceeds James Masings camp. Isn’t this the OPPORTUNE time for him to step up a notch higher?

Its afterall not uncommon for tussling of positions especially if it involves ex-PBDS members eventhough the new ship now is PRS. According to a PRS member he says,”It’s afterall a Chair only.They are buddies alright.”

With positions comes power and it seems Entulu is very much in favour by the UMNO hierarchy and Sarawak BN top boys. He does speak his mind occassionally to a certain extreme but it augurs well for his political future. A PRS supreme council member when contacted tried to brush it under the carpet but the groundswell is gaining momentum with the December TDC lurking and its a chance for Entulu to step up and make his mark. Even A PBB YB was quick to point out that James has irked the top man and its time for him to take his ‘LEAVE OF ABSENCE

Aferall when Enulu made the statement on The infamous Dayaks issue, James gave his thinnest support by saying,”Entulu called me on the day of question and I can say its his personal opinion only.” Could this be the last straw for Entulu..? He has been ever so faithful to James and history has a way of coming back to haunt us as this phrase should never be ignored and used time and time again,”Who betrayed Caesar..?

We have done our investigations and we would not just write this article if our sources within PRS does not give us the signals. Half truths first and it will seemingly rear its HEAD when the Puppet Masters and Hidden Hands have everything in place. James had fought many battles in and within the parties and could this be his Battle of Alamo..??

We say as always,”Surely someone must have already sparked it all off within the camps of PRS.Its difficult to keep everyone on a TIGHT LEASH…ROS might just have another field day soon… 

17 thoughts on ““Trouble Brewing In PRS..??”

  1. anak dayak says:

    a well-written piece, i must say. but james shld know that if u live by the sword, u will be slaughtered by the sword.

  2. yvonne sim says:

    Do we really care? PRS eventhough got so many YBs and MPs only two Federal Postings..Makes us laugh only. Masing does not have much power too in Sarawak. He tries to show his power but everytime his mouth is being plastered and CM Taib is no nonsence. He must have a full file on Masing on his deeds..

  3. vicky says:

    Being faithful for what Entulu! What you get datukship only. That one can be purchased. Power and Position will make you stronger.It’s 2009 already and you will REGRET if you dont fight James.

  4. Lesley D says:

    Surely James must be wondering what is happening? He is afterall the mastermind here.He gets his cronies to go against entulu knowing Entulu is a firebrand and then he gets rid of him and pushes Joseph Salang up. Seems that way..

  5. dayang says:

    Enuf said on PRS. The state BN also not worried of PRS. No money man unlike SPDP who has Tiong behind. This PBB worried..

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