PRS:”Masing’s Leadership Questionable..??”


It seems when we first asked the question …”Is it for Real..?” Nobody was too bothered nor even give a thought about it as its just another political spin doctors’ Doubles Game“. When all is well says a former PRS SC who has since joined PKR in the presence of some PBB youth boys,”the person in question seems suffocated and useless” Now everyone thinks it will be full blown like H1N1 but the PRS leadership has stepped in to quelled it all down.

As per this report from the internet portal which is extracted and posted here,”

A small bird called Sarawak Update saying that Joe Entulu has called James Masing, citing the noise are not more than Pakatan orchestrated “Pantomime”.Ironically, the small bird was defensive when asked why TDC had to be postponed to March/April.

The small bird refused to acknowledged that Joe Entulu is actually buying time, stressing that Masing and PRS are tackling the situation.“They are investigating who is the hidden hand out to destabilise PRS,” the bird whistle…

The bird said the problem was blown out of proportion by the Pakatan…

audie61 was joined this morning for a brief interview with Sarawak’s PKR Information Chief See Chee How who expressed regret that some sources have blamed PRS infightings and speculations have been all “COOKED UP” by Pakatan. In his capacity and as the states information chief he stressed that Pakatan has nothing to do ,”Whatsoever to be involved in PRS matters.This is BN’s party problems and we should stay out of it. We do not want to be implicated and also get our hands dirty.”

It seems just as we were about to file this report another article surfaced. This time its headlined,”Masing left with eight months” The full report here.

This part of the extracted article leaves a rather BAD TASTE IN the PRESIDENT’s Mouth” 

Many PRS leaders are now thinking otherwise. They find it very difficult to tolerate Masing brand of leadership.

I have been trying very hard to get PRS leaders speaking to my reporters, but none dare. Majority are observing some kind of “gag order”.It is learned that many things had happened in the past, especially Masing unwitty remarks against his YB that is deemed not a true blue PRS.

Well its already posted by the writer and its up to those who wants to interpret it correctly or therwise. We on our part are trying to stop this from being full blown and would like the PRS leadership to put a FULL STOP to it. How they do it remains to be unveiled by the sources from within PRS. All we know is that the Doubles Player is going for another KILL  The TDC they say is just another way of buying time as there are so many unresolved matters to be entertained.

We say as always,”James is the master tactician in this political GAME and he has learned from the BESTS..You know WHO…!!!

42 thoughts on “PRS:”Masing’s Leadership Questionable..??”

  1. Hiro says:

    Must be another interference from big brother to delay TDC. i wouldn’t be surprised. Can anyone verify? Maybe the young malay lawyer can .

  2. awang mantali says:

    PKR can deny but they too are infested with PRS ex members. So Information chief what you say may not carry much weight!!

  3. maxim says:

    Time for James to face the moment of truth.Why run away> Even the little bird will not save you soon.You have done so much damage and harm and will pay for your actions soon,

  4. Extreme force says:

    PRS facing another crisis? I dont buy that. Do you? Maybe its to cover up PKR internal problems. Heard Dominiques camp is on an all out KILL to those who have wronged him. Information Chief what say U?

  5. dayang says:

    It seems all PRS YBs are hiding behind but carry daggers at James back. He needs the one trusted lawyer to look after him but he too can join together and PUSH it deeper and eventually destroy James. James needs to wipe him out too.

  6. nostradamus says:

    Its near the end for PRS and James. He only borowed it from Sng Chee Hua. Now Entulu who was Sng’s man will bite back. Believe me its written in the STARS. James will cry like he did when he losts the PBDS fight.

  7. hostage88 says:


    dont worry. i am still around. since you miss me so much, audie61 have taken the trouble to call me to inform you that you are looking for me.

    honestly, i do not know much about PRS, but it you talk about SCH, maybe i can talk.

    since, i dont know anything about PRS, i should not talk. but if you want to know more about Batang Ai where Voters are bought for RM30.00, I can tell you more. Just contact me.

  8. hostage88 says:

    And sorry, I am not BN nor have I supported BN Sarawak. In fact, I PKR is the only party I openly support and since it is what I have mentioned, I think I will support Under Ground Ressistance.

  9. 1malaysia says:


    Vice President PRS John Sikie representing Party President Dato Sri James Masing at a “Ngiling Tikai” dinner held at civic centre Sri Aman last Saturday (13 June 09) urged PRS members to discard choices cliques or fractions within the party. The seed of eliminating whom Dato Sri James considered a threat to him has been sown. Interesting and exciting events lie ahead.

    That there are fractions within PRS is left to the interpretation of the Party President. After all due credit should be given to the President who himself is an expert in the game. For James Masing who is all out to get rid of anyone whom he considered an obstacle to his life ambition to become the paramount leader of the Dayaks and the Chief Minister of Sarawak what better way to get rid off opponents but by starting a “Witchunt”.

    As the stakes are high to James Masing, the end justifies the means and with an extremely ambitious obsession, one can never even imaging the methods he can resort to. As a devoted anthropology, one can expect him to look for “stinging dead bones” to dig up and failing which with scientific advancement even fabricated such evidence to look like real.

    Furthermore, to an opportunistic leader like him, the present political climate and circumstances prevailing are fertile grounds to consolidate his position. The waning influence of the Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu leaves the way clear for James Masing to forge ahead.

    Tracing the political background of PRS and its parentage PBDS and SNAP, one cannot but noticed that they were all contagiously plagued by political intrigue and upheavals resulting always in fatal political casualties and fragmenting the parties even further. And from close observation, one person stands to gain from all these. Someone must be spreading the “germ” and “virus”. Your guess is as good as mine.

    Analyzing further, one can noticed that in the midst of all these adverse happenings within the parties and the political demised of seasoned and important politicians, a rising political star arose and he is none other than James Masing.

    The political fate of James Wong, Daniel Tajem and Sng Chee Hua, all of whom were once close confidante and financier of James Masing can be attributed to his strategic doing.

    So whoever fit into the description of being a close “confidante” and financier of James Masing, BEWARE!! Anyway there is one consolation for Datuk Tay who is reportedly financing James Masing activities both business and questionable activities. If there is any comfort for Datuk Tay, James Masing only got rid off the previous financiers, James Wong and Sng Chee Hua because being politicians they were a threat to his ambitions.

    Those who are following political events closely should be speculating as who are the clique now which John Sikie on behalf of James Masing is referring to and who would probably be the next victim. And whatever devious methods James Masing had been using against his opponents in the past, he will definitely use them again with much greater intensity.

    Everything being equal, can James Masing pull through in his next attempt is anybody’s guess. Or maybe this time he really would have met his match. Only time can tell.

    More will be revealed in the next coming series.

  10. ursula says:

    Hostage88 you are very vocal. We want to know of your insights in PKR. What happen in Batang Ai? Heard all PKR boycott because of Lina Soo.True Kah!!

  11. Tok Pangju says:

    In Kuching PKR is busy in malay kampungs spreading malicious lies.What say u Hostage 88? You are strong supporter of PKR

  12. hafiz says:

    Many PRS leaders are now thinking otherwise. They find it very difficult to tolerate Masing brand of leadership.”………… audie61 can you tell sarawak update not to simply posts! This will mean James will not believe us anymore. He is creatinf trouble for PRS..

  13. queen bee says:

    audie61 you have support but i think sarawak update is overboard with his article. who is this hostage88 he say has Under Ground Ressistance.. He better wake up.This is 21st century.

  14. hostage88 says:

    Wah that I dont know. You know so much maybe you tell me lo.

    All I know is PKR Staff work to lose. On whose instruction?

    Hope this satisfy you.

    • Words says:

      Do you mean dominique bring donation? or the 15 thousand given by Sng to dominique for the the by election.

      where is the by election account? can you published here just like you published batu kawah account in lina soo dot com.

  15. queen bee says:

    Are u my fren Hostage88. Your article and reply very confusing and not detailed. How can we go on? PKR I know dont belong to Dominique. we heard you are not PKR supporter but dominique and Lina supporter.correct me!

  16. ursula says:

    Hostage88 PKR is already gone in Sarawak. U should join PRS. Why want to help Lina Soo of PKR. U got agenda kah! me younger than her and in PRS we can go dating hehe

  17. ursula says:

    by the way hostage 88 i am over 18 and you must be quite elderly right. PRS is so much better than PKR. Here James control all YBs. PKR only two YBs. Bye bye

  18. queen bee says:

    Time for me to eat.hostage88 is not giving me any updates.Hei! u know See Chee how or not? He looks fierce huh!

  19. Words says:

    hostage88 your are such a moron.

    why support PKR if they are hopeless. why support Dominique and Lina soo only.

    Is there any hidden agenda or something like hidden hand in PKR where it was openly quoted in Sarawak Talk.

    Who is the hidden hand?

    By the way how old are you. what is your profession now?

    what do you do before this? a member of SB?

    I rest my case.

  20. jackie says:

    antroplogists cannot even look after his own people let alone want to look after the whole of Sarawak.Dream on James and let u rests in peace

  21. winston says:

    James you now dont even trusts your own Iban lawyers. Wnat o make use of malay lawyer. nanti kena kris then u know. Perjuangan melayu bukan ibandraf tahu James

  22. evelyn says:

    I think the YBs have a right to rebel against a leader like that. Maybe what sarawakupdate has its more than just hearsay. I understand Lawan is teaming up with Sng true or not yet to be seen.

  23. shamsul says:

    Everything I give to corrine why should i bother about Entulu and the rests of the YBs. I have struggle enuf to make a fortune. Who cares about the rests .This is James attitude now according to some insiders in PRS..

  24. desaru says:

    High time someone tell James where he should go back to Baleh in upper Kapit. stay there and be forgotten.byebye

  25. hostage88 says:

    My profession is to Eat sleep and drink. Nothing more nothing less. Was a good day yesterday. Got up at 11 am. Go eat lunch and come back sleep till 6pm and after that help YB post articles at his blog. At 10pm went to drink and came back at 2 am.

    Don’t need to work or join any party. I have never voted in Sarawak and I wanted to transfer my Voting Rights back to Sarawak, and support PKR.

    But now don’t bother. If there is no Party to support I just stay home and sleep and not bother line up to vote and waste my time since I dont support BN.

    QueenBee, I support PKR initially but not now, not even YB and Lina Soo. Though I still have friends in PKR West Malaysia.

    • Words says:

      How much Dominique and Lina Soo pay you to eat and Sleep and some posting. That must be very high fee. to sleep also. with Whom Lina Soo? or Dominique?

  26. megatron says:

    there are 2 type of crabs. first type that help to pull out the other crabs in the bucket to escape AND another type that pull down the crab back into the bucket.
    therer are also 2 type of enemies in politic. musuh di luar dan musuh didalam selimut. musuh di luar is the opposition parties, pkr and dap. but musuh dalam BN is person like JAMES MASING. he use to say that dato sng who is the one that kill pbds or dayak party. but it is actually james masing is the one who kills dayak party. he is a hypocrit and oppornistic kind of person. he doesnt like entulu cos he think that entulu can outsmart him but he like salang cos salang is pak turut and harmless. furthermore salang is too old already and cannot be too long as a leader. but entulu is a very capable, potential, young aspiratian, aggressive, smart, brilliant, idealictic, charasmatic, enthusiastic etc… kind of a leader. masing is afraid of entulu. masing dont really care much about PRS actually. masing know how to use people only. he is good in that. his young malay lawyer AZIZI, knows nothing much about laws and orders. he is not really a successful lawyer in town. a rejected kind of lawyer just like a rejected tile by kimgres.

  27. hostage88 says:

    How much Dominique and Lina Soo pay you to eat and Sleep and some posting. That must be very high fee. to sleep also. with Whom Lina Soo? or Dominique?


    With you if you are a woman. If you are man, than you can go w… yourself.

  28. hostage88 says:

    And I do not need them to pay me. I eat, sleep and drink beer on my onw. I am rich! Are you? Can you afford to live a lifestyle like me? Muahahaha. Till you can I am afraid you are a smal mosquito.

  29. goh liang says:

    Chris Chung always asy that he will never let his friends down.
    Refer police report on 6.8.2006.
    Remember that Ng Ing Lim helps you to secure one billion brige replacement project.He has photographs taken with you and CM to proof his cliams.

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