“UMNO in Sarawak..??”

The Secretary of UMNO in which we will posts the full interview has denied fully that ““No, no, no, no. Umno never said that we want to go into Sarawak. Never,”

It seems thats the First Plus point as far as the State Coalition partners are concerned. The State BN will go into the elections as local based parties and they will tussle with PR4 comprising of PKR,DAP,PAS ( National parties) and SNAP (local party). Goes without saying the perception of the voters will be encouraged to give the local parties more relevance.

A plus point is a plus point.

The second pointer which the UMNO Secretary needs to iron out is the  “I also got a shock when I heard that there’s a Sarawak Umno Hari Raya open house. Mana ada Umno Sarawak (Where is there an Umno Sarawak)? If we’re not there, we’re not there lah,” he said.

However, he said that there were “requests” for the oldest party in the country to move into Sarawak.“There are some who said that they want to do it, Sarawakians themselves,” he said.

In a telephone interview to audie61 12.07 pm today 13/10/10 Affendi Jeman leader of “JPUNS Penaja UMNO Negeri Sarawak” said Tengku Adnan is right .UMNO never want to come to Sarawak but its LONG OVERDUE. We have been requesting UMNO to come to Sarawak even before PKR step into the shores of Sarawak.

PKR is not our concern. we are not PKR but UMNO Penaja. As far as he is concerned Affendi said,”UMNO is the unifying factor for the Bumiputeras in Sarawak.Presently there are too many parties representing the Bumiputeras. Leaders should look into this as this is the requests from the rakyat of Sarawak. If PKR,DAP,PAS can come to Sarawak what is stopping UMNO from stepping in.It could be sooner or later. 

He reiterated the words of the PM Najid,”Rakyat  di dahulukan.Our leaders should abide with it.”  

The article which appeared in the internet portal

INTERVIEW Umno has once again rubbished rumours that the party has set up shop in Sarawak, nor is it intending to.

The party’s secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor had denied the speculations, and said that they are merely a ploy to destabilise the BN coalition in the state.

NONEIn a recent exclusive interview with Malaysiakini, he also revealed plans for the Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, whose reign in the state would come to 30 years by March 2011.

But when asked about the rumours that Umno has set up a branch in the largest state in Malaysia, Tengku Adnan was on the defensive almost immediately.

“No, no, no, no. Umno never said that we want to go into Sarawak. Never,” he said during the interview at his office in Menara Dato Onn in Kuala Lumpur.

The Putrajaya MP was also shocked when he first heard of the rumours.

“I also got a shock when I heard that there’s a Sarawak Umno Hari Raya open house. Mana ada Umno Sarawak (Where is there an Umno Sarawak)? If we’re not there, we’re not there lah,” he said.

However, he said that there were “requests” for the oldest party in the country to move into Sarawak.

“There are some who said that they want to do it, Sarawakians themselves,” he said.

Even then, Tengku Adnan said that there are no plans for the party to move into the state where Malays make up 21 percent of the population there, despite the requests.

In fact, when asked about the Sarawakians proposing for the formation of Umno in the state, he said: “They cannot. They would need approval from the headquarters.”

And is headquarters planning to give approval?

“No, no, no, no,” said Tengku Adnan.

‘Rumours by the opposition’

Speculation regarding the party’s presence had been circulating as early as 2006, when businessman Affendi Jeman, leader of a self-styled Sarawak Umno Pro-Tem Committee (JPUNS), had been bragging that JPUNS had recruited 2,000 Umno members in Sarawak.

NONESince then, many leaders in both Umno as well as the state’s ruling party Parti Pesaka Bumiputera (PBB) have denied that Umno is “encroaching” into the state.

The issue of Umno being in Sarawak has been a contentious one between PBB and Umno, since the stubbornly-autonomous state has always been a PBB bastion.

Even former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad relented back in 2002, saying that the only way Sarawakians can join Umno is to do so in the peninsula.

However, the rumours started swirling again when it was speculated that the JPUNS has been registered with the Registrar of Societies and, as Tengku Adnan pointed out, held an open house.

But quashing the allegations, he said that they were merely the doings of the opposition to “destabilise” the coalition in the state.

“They’ve tried all kinds of ways and other means, like getting the NGOs to disturb us. But our component party leaders and members know.

“They accuse us of everything, even their (PKR elections). And now they say that we’re going into Sarawak. We’re not doing it at all.

“We have a strong PBB there and we’ll continue to work with them along with Sarawak United People’s Party, Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party and Parti Rakyat Sarawak.

“Some of our component parties may be weak, but it doesn’t mean that we’ll tell them to ‘get lost’,” he said.

When asked if the group trying to kick-start the party in Sarawak are BN saboteurs, he said that it is possible.

“Maybe. I don’t know. I can’t say that. Maybe they have good intentions or maybe they are saboteurs,” said Tengku Adnan.

Taib a liability?

When asked about Taib’s standing as chief minister and whether he is considered a liability, Tengku Adnan said that it was a matter of perception.

“It is just perception. Maybe because there is already a strong character in place, you keep on building this perception that he cannot lead… Maybe to us, he is not a liability.

azlan“You tell one lie, and tell it a thousand times, it becomes the truth. That’s the job of the Opposition. They just lie,” he said.

After holding the post for 29 years, Taib is the longest-serving chief minister in the country, even surpassing Mahathir’s 22-year reign. And allegations have arisen that Taib and his family have purportedly amassed obscene wealth during that tenure.

But at the end of the day, Tengku Adnan said that it was up to the people of Sarawak to decide on whether they want Taib to continue leading the state after the Sarawak elections said to be held next year.

“We have to listen to the leaders and people in Sarawak and it’s up to them. I believe that the current component party still likes to stay in power.

“We can only advise and see what’s the best. But at the end of the day, it’s their choice and not our choice.”


15 thoughts on ““UMNO in Sarawak..??”

  1. Kelantan Royal Palace has revoked the Datukship of Perkasa head Ibrahim Ali….many in Sarawak too need to have their titles removed

    • Having awarded man made title will not make a better or superior human being.All babies cry upon birth,and their parents moniker them,so that he/she could be recognized.All titles are just as worthless as the paper it was written on and God will never ask the deceased souls his past titles and honour while still on this earth.They should be in the medieval age and therefore unfit ti live in this era.

  2. The setting of UMNO in Sarawak will only enforce the suspicion of all Sarawakians of Malayans notion of colonialism and imperialism.
    In other words,they will begin to export,racial supremacy,religious intolerance,manipulate and destroy the already existing harmony among Sarawakians.,which is a microcosm of the world.With today political scenerio in Malaya,UMNO will also bring in their notorious politics of discord,perpetuate nepotism,cronyism,falsehoods and many other negative elements which are foreign to our fair land of Sarawak.UMNO should remain in Malaya,sealed in a jar like “kasam”to be opened only to be eaten and digested to become shit.

  3. Sarawak is a piece of fat and delicious meat in the eyes of UMNO; rob what they rob and save away all the righful return. After 53 years, how is the link road from Kuching northeast ward to Brunei border, needless to say those under state jurisdiction. Patching-the-holes contracts are all scored by Taib & Jabu Company.

    What more this Malaya’s UMNO is interested in, definitely the vast piece of long lying beautiful land of Sarawak. Bring UMNO in and do more plunder which is plunder adding to robbery. Secondly, more government positions will then be seated by UMNO related Malayans adding to the already flooded offices in the state.

    Many may think that the entrance of UMNO can counter-balance the power of Taib in the State but this is taking poison to cure a stomach problem.


  4. UMNO is already in Sarawak and all over Malaysia. For as long as UMNO controlled BN government is in power at Putrajaya, all BN policies are effectively an UMNO agenda. UMNO physical presence is irrelevant and it does not need to be seen to be physically here. All BN policies decision is deemed to be final at UMNO Supreme council meeting among a few elite UMNO supreme council insiders.

    Dont waste time debating about that. Stay focused in effecting change we deserved and wanted and taking action to vote out UMNO controlled BN in Sarawak and GE13.

  5. Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:
    :mrgreen: umno already in Sarawak since that old taib “pek mo” in charge until now n RAKYAT mostly in MAJORITY want CHANGE since they B-eNd bumNO @ taib deliver $$$Money in their pocket + their crony pocket n not to help improve RAKYAT living standard in this 21st Century n they B-eNd fail to deliver n we are still so backward + backdated ai yo yoyoyo sigh!!! :mrgreen:
    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  6. There’s no need for UMNO to really come to S’wak. It’s already in S’wak since 16 September 1963. We’re not blind in History. There’s not much differents between before 16 September and after 16 September 1963. S’wakians are just surviving as they are before. Probably it may be worst because our money are getting devalued. Well before, n until upto early 1970s RM1=SD1 but after mid 0f 1970s our money devalued n now SD1=RM2.5 more or less. So u see how not to suffer economically.

  7. When Sarawak occupied by Japanese invasion, we are tortured in living and body. Now colonized by UMNO, we suffered political robbery, plunder, bully and sidelining…tortured in moral and living spirit

    Sabah & Sarawak …the same fate

  8. What Sarawakians voters will not buy….but not limited to the following BN’s propaganda on politics of fear:

    Pakatan is an outsider

    A vote for PAS is a vote for PAS’s Hudud law

    Chinese community will be left out of development if Pakatan wins

    Malays will lose power if Pakatan wins

    UMNO will come to Sarawak if PBB lose power

    Sarawak loses everything if Taib lost


    There shall be greater accountability

    There shall be greater transparency

    There shall be greater attention and asistance for all communities especially the poorer and low income group

    There shall be greater opportunity in business for all communities

    There shall be greater opportunity in education (including adult education) and scholarship for the deserving students

    There shall be greater emphasis to link rural economy with the core economy

    There shall be greater assurance in safeguarding the constitution and independence of our Institutions like Judicial, MACC and PDRM.

  9. Allow me to share with my fellow Malaysians who the real Najib is and that his speech to the retired senior civil servants club was enough to show that his 1Malaysia was hallow and that he was never a PM for all Malaysians. What has SUPP and MCA got to say about their boss’s hypocrisy? Najib will sing different tune to different group of audience in his “divide and rule” wicked agenda.

    When addressing the newly-formed Umno supporters club made up of retired senior civil servants yesterday, Najib slammed the opposition parties, accusing them of questioning the special position of the Malays, not praying for well-being of the Yang DiPertuan Agong and planning to open up the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) to non-Malays.

    “I want to ask who were the ones who questioned Article 153 in the Constitution? Malay privileges, who questioned them? Who caused the incident of not offering prayers for the wellbeing of the King? Who wanted Universiti Teknologi Mara to be opened to the non-Malays? Not Umno but the other side,” Najib was quoted as saying by Bernama in the closed-door event.

    The Umno president also warned the civil servants that only the Malay party that can “ensure our survival.”

    No right thinking Malaysians will support a PM like Najib and we shall be digging our own graves by voting for UMNO controlled BN . Did he not tell all Sarawakians and Sabahans that he cared for all Malaysians? Did he not tell MCA and the Chinese that all Chinese were loyal citizens? Once in front of a group of Malays he is the same UMNO man who waved his keris and vowed to bathe it with Chinese blood in 1987.

  10. This page appears to recieve a good ammount of visitors. How do you get traffic to it? It gives a nice unique spin on things. I guess having something authentic or substantial to post about is the most important factor.

  11. Tasik Permai high-cost land titles;
    Burdening the fellow poor residents of shophouse owners in Kampung Tasik Permai, is not a proper way in governing Selangor. If this trends goes on for another hundred years or thousands years, the fellow subjects of Selangor will be the sufferers, not enjoying what the state government gives.

    Since year2011 is still the PR/permanent resident government or kerajaan ic merah, who intends to reap a profitable margin from the poor residents of Tasik Permai. We had no trust in them, if now they try to force us to pay a high-cost premium for the shophouses in Tasik Permai, what else for the coming future, will they tax us more heavier for others, say like business licensing, ads board and others. Just a simple thinking what they think of, will we have a granted future? If we are suffering in the future, why must we vote PR for?
    It’s worst than when BN is in the government, at least regarding whatever it is, we can have a chance to discuss with BN.

    3 stooges governing us in a confusing state, is this what the rakyat received after they take over the Selangor state government, if Islamic state and governs using the Islamic law, other races will be affected. Say a Chinese medical shop cannot sell liquor or betting on 4d or other gaming games will be disallowed. Sometimes Chinese used rice wine which is consider as liquor “minuman keras” which we use as traditional medical uses to rub on the affected part of the human body, say rheumatism sickness. Not drinking actually.
    I suggest political parties who had the intentions to govern a multi-racial community. If in the 1900 or 1950s there’s not so much nonsense, why must now they create so much rules, will these rules help the “rakyat”. It’s like separating the various races, this “pantang” that “pantang”, so the multi-racial system will be a separated group, you “satu puak” saya “satu puak”. Everyone will be separated, then you have to beware of me, and I have to beware of you. If everyone is scare to mix around, then what is the use of unity among the various races, achieve and work towards the goal till we let the whole world knows what is 1Malaysia, what is the word of working together, staying together with a united front.

    So, why should we vote and select a government who never cares about the rakyat? Malaysian voters be aware who you choose to represent us. For the future of our next generation, we must be very careful ! ! !

  12. of course like your web-site however you have to test the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very bothersome to tell the reality on the other hand I’ll definitely come again again.

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