Bloggers from PR4 “This is Real..?”

How does one counter allegations,lies,misconception and perception.? Simply by “TAKING THE BULL BY THE HORN“BN4 and Taib Mahmud the Chief Minister especially has been under so much surprise attack which are similar by nature to the Japanese attack of”Pearl Harbour” during the 2nd World War. Then the Japanese woke up the sleeping giant USA.

It seems now the CM is leaving nothing to chance and also will not let his army rests until they see off the common enemy in PR4. There is the “realistic manifesto” that he is spelt out but the one that catches the eyes of the cyberworld  has come down to these few words which there is more than a HIDDEN meaning to it.

Taib said the state government planned to compile information about the state government as a channel to disseminate information to the people in the next five years.He said there was no proper channel to distribute information to the people and that had created a misperception that there was a lack of dissemination of information from the government.

“We are going to emphasise this. In the next five years, we are going to build up information about the government, even through the Internet. Then most probably it will improve the situation,” he said.

It appears that BN4 is ready now to engage in the cyber warfare with PR4. The BN Sarawak cybertroopers is already readily equipped to withstand the cyber attacks. PR4 will be wondering what hit them and they will need to reinvent and restrategise their “almost perfect and tested formula

The People will not only be flooded by allegations,lies,perceptions but they will be able to judge for themselves what is REAL and What is GOOD for Sarawak and in turn what will benefit them.

A political analysts said,”If the economy is vibrant,the bread and butter issues are looked into the people will not just want to change the government for the sake of just CHANGES.

The big picture is that their immediate family needs to be in a country where it is safe and stable instead in one where BULLETS ARE FLYING OVER THEIR HEADS. Is that real..??


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