DAP Sarawak Inroads Even to Housing Estates Post Boxes”

An urban voter ,”DAP is really working hard and they are making their intentions known. Will it be a little too late for BN.? The DAP supporters and members are making use of their Headquarters Publication and are now going into Housing Estates and putting them in post boxes”

This leaflet distribution by DAP is continous and it will take a ‘Brilliant or an Ingenious BN Propaganda” to change the mindset of the people.

  • What will it Be? Does anyone have any idea?
  • Does BN need to pay “SOME”  substantial amount for it?
  • Does BN have the answers?
  • Will last minute propaganda do it?
  •  Has the viral attack reached the rural areas?

Many questions and little answers especially if it concerns the rakyats voting trend. There is no more the SURE SAFE SEAT for any BN coalition unlike 20 years ago. If the BN propaganda machine still loves to a have a SIESTA they are in for a good SHOCK.

 A senior Pakatan member said,”There are only 20% of the voters left stuck in the rural areas. Only the elderly and the very young are left in the rural areas. If the BN thinks they are still safe especially in the rural areas in Sarawak they will know when the ballot boxes open. Cyber warfare is the main weapon now.”

After Housing area the DAP distribution network leaflets will reach even the interior villages and longhouses.

It’s real and you have been Warned…..