SPDP “Solidarity Night Back On..??’

audie61’s SPDP privilege source is back to his usual naughty self again. He was all full of enthusiasm and delight with events folding into place the last couple of days. Did I not tell you that all will be well very soon in the SPDP ranks? Bro, the picture will not lie and now you must tell the unbelievers and troublemakers that the “SOLIDARITY NIGHT IS BACK ON TRACK.”

A check with one of the SPDP YB and he told us,”This is maturity and any disagreement will be settled in the bests interests of BN.We subscribe to the principles of looking in the interests of the whole BN Family and all matters will be settled for the better good of BN.”

Many might just have different views on the “PICTURE OF TOGETHERNESS” but our Privilege source added on with this,”ITS UP TO THEM”