Pakatan”BN Waking Up From Inside”

It’s October 18th 12 noon and the weather outside is scorching hot. Inside its cooling as the airconditioning is blasting at our faces. At 2.30pm the tables were turned and lightning boomed overhead and subsequently it thunderstormed. Sure since 308 Pakatan has managed to captivate the rakyat by sharing their style policies and goverance. It keeps everyone on their toes.

It is not wrong for the BN to wake up from their slumber and to look at the 5 S’s which we think should be practise by any State Government and not to be Swallowed up later.

5’S-Sure Safe Seat Siesta Shock.Najib has woken up and its action time. He is rallying his troops and he was quoted, “We have done a lot but we say little about it. They have done little but they brag a lot about it. We’ve done a mountain high of deeds but often they are not appreciated,”  

If you digests the words which he has quoted and carefully sit down and think it was well meant. Of course one would point to the 50 years of BN rule and try to compare it with 3 years of Pakatan rule in Certain States besides Kelantan who has managed longer.

In the general context Najib is telling the country,” YBs and MPs if you are still having a good SIESTA you will be sealing your fate and soon you will be SHIPPED out by the very same people who put you there.” 

Pakatan you will know that BN will keep on coming and try to derail your propaganda and likewise you will do the same. The rains stopped but the thunder can still be heard and we are  sharing with you this,”

 How can you see into my eyes
Like open doors?
Leading you down into my core
Where I’ve become so numb