The team players of PR4 Sarawak are working very hard and they have somehow devise a master plan to capture the imagination of the people of Sarawak. A political science graduate said to audie61,”Is BN4 Sarawak still having a good NAP.?”

 CM Taib who is the commander in Chief of SarawakBN is under hell of a lot of attack and the generals in PBB,SUPP,SPDP,PRS are still thinking that they can rely on the main stream media to assist them. Just blah,blah ,blah to a handful of  BN loyalists will not assist BN anymore.We are not in the 70s and in this day and age no matter where you are, the cyberworld plays a very PROMINENT ROLE.  

The word is when you are under attack you must first know how to defend but ultimately one must know how to attack back. Praising the Team of Pakatan strategists for his “attack,attack,attack strategy on Taib the PKR information Chief See Chee How said,”It will be incessant towards Taib and we will use our political brains to change the mindset of the people to vote for PR4. This is our resource.BN has huge chunks of armoury and we cannot dispute that

DAP had Taib we want answers,PKR has this Spot the Differance )

BN4 will need to be do hell of a lot to turn the wheels back before its too late. The AGE OF DENIAL IS LONG GONE.The thinking caps needs to be energised to win back some of the losts ground in cyberspace. Its easy to just ignore the fact and have the projection of a defeatists attitude but there is HOPE when one decides to find the solutions to the problems.

 Will the respective political strategists in BN Sarawak component parties stand out and be counted? Who are they? Where are they? Has BN losts its edge or does it need to lose more to wake up from its NAP?

If you are a BN Sarawak party member,supporter or sympathiser go tell your leaders “Act NOW in the Cyberworld.”

Maybe this picture of Saddam Hussein will give you something to think about. Pakatans weapons of mass destruction will eventually engulf the whole of Sarawak and its up to BN Sarawak to face the REALITY.