“What Seat…??”

Have you heard about the latest rumour that has being going around? Yay it’s about me.  No…..,unfortunatedly its not the “DATUKSHIP” that I thought i would be getting ( shoot!).

Oh Well! Wishful Thinking. Hahaha……

What’s the rumour..???

Well,a little bird just told me some interesting piece of news. Me,moi (in French) is lobbying for a Sarawak State Seat. The only seat that I know that I am lobbying for is a Luxurious Sofa seat for my house which needs the approval of the Minister of Home Affairs.(wink,wink you know what I mean)

So what’s all this about this talk about the “THE SEAT” that I am supposedly going after? if you know about it let me know…..

If you want to recommend me a Luxurious sofa seat you’re welcome too.

HahahaKiss Kiss

UMNO Youth ‘Hidden Message’

Reality Check and it seems that UMNO Youth is beginning to push their message across to their President and Supreme Council. They can only take so much and it seems that their youthful pride is hurt,tortured and dented by PAS.

Why not..? Kedah UMNO is headed by a Sabahan and PAS has relentlessly attacked the Youth Wing. Its a way to tell the leaders,”we can only take so much and its time we re-access the situation. PAS in not so many words said this,”look at Kedah, there are no capable leaders, they have to import politicians from outside.

It certainly is a reality check but could there be well calculated  HIDDEN message?

Jerai UMNO Youth chief Bassori Hassan used his words wisely by saying that Shafie Apdal is a capable man to wrestle Kedah back as he is a great man but they need local politicians to helm as they are under attack by local political parties.

This message must not go unnoticed as it will be used by PAS to haunt back at UMNO come the GE13. It must be brought up to be deliberated and a solution must be found. PAS will not let it rests easy.