P94 “PUSING BALIK”Pakatan/BN 50/50

Yesterday it was clear that BN has taken a substantial lead in the run up to polling day. The bookies odds of -300 to Pakatan by BN has taken in a lot of beating as Najib and Muhyddin and the Top Guns from BN has concentrated on the Felda settlement schemes.

But by the stroke of midnignt and early dawn the odds has somewhat “PUSING BALIK” .The presence of ToK Guru Kelantan MB and PAS Spiritual leader and other factors like the land belongs to the State but take the dividends given has somewhat reached the ground and the swing was expected. Its now level pegging for those punters who wish to make some $$$$$ for P94 Hulu Selangor. 

Of course the bookies will not stand to loose. Its now 95 cents either way. if you take BN you win 95 cents if BN wins and if BN loses you lose $1.00. The same equation likewise is for those taking Pakatan bets. Whichever and Whatever the bookies stands to make a dollar or two from this by elections.

So the political boys will be putting in their last efforts to swing the votes but tomorrow it will be up to the 63593 voters of Hulu Selangor Constituency to have their say in the Ballot Boxes. They will just mark an X and we will know by nightfall who the new Member of Parliament will be for P94.

50/50 is the Call now…………..