P94 “PUSING BALIK”Pakatan/BN 50/50

Yesterday it was clear that BN has taken a substantial lead in the run up to polling day. The bookies odds of -300 to Pakatan by BN has taken in a lot of beating as Najib and Muhyddin and the Top Guns from BN has concentrated on the Felda settlement schemes.

But by the stroke of midnignt and early dawn the odds has somewhat “PUSING BALIK” .The presence of ToK Guru Kelantan MB and PAS Spiritual leader and other factors like the land belongs to the State but take the dividends given has somewhat reached the ground and the swing was expected. Its now level pegging for those punters who wish to make some $$$$$ for P94 Hulu Selangor. 

Of course the bookies will not stand to loose. Its now 95 cents either way. if you take BN you win 95 cents if BN wins and if BN loses you lose $1.00. The same equation likewise is for those taking Pakatan bets. Whichever and Whatever the bookies stands to make a dollar or two from this by elections.

So the political boys will be putting in their last efforts to swing the votes but tomorrow it will be up to the 63593 voters of Hulu Selangor Constituency to have their say in the Ballot Boxes. They will just mark an X and we will know by nightfall who the new Member of Parliament will be for P94.

50/50 is the Call now…………..

12 thoughts on “P94 “PUSING BALIK”Pakatan/BN 50/50

  1. kangtao says:

    Corruption is too rampant in Malaysia! And the rakyat just want a CHANGE, they called it “REFORMASI”, I will bet on Zaid.
    You are on the ball audie, good job, don’t be afraid to say your piece, let no one be your masters.

  2. clara m says:

    Time for us Indians to say no to MIC and to tell Sammy Vellu that MIC is already irrelevant. BN should have taken it away from MIC

  3. yew KK says:

    I will collect my money putting for Pakatan. No way I will vote for BN.Enough said as there are too much corruption and its making the country very poor.

  4. dahlan says:

    Cukup lah the past drinking its forgotten and Zaid has regretted. Now he is in PKR and no more UMNO. He has seen the light and that is good for the Malay Race.

  5. freeze balls says:

    UMNO cannot use their fixed deposit MIC anymore. Its no more value and pity the candidate. The Indians are being made use by Sammy Vellu and gang and its time the rests wake up.

  6. Mata Kuching says:

    In Sarawak we do not have MIC but we do have a small group of people who claimed to represent the Indians community by forming an ass-of-actions (association) and their ulterior motive has been too glaring, that is, seeking fundings and grants and personal benefits for their leaders. Like so many of those BN initiated and endorsed associations representing the various interests in society, it is BN’s way of telling the people, ” you vote for BN and we give you grants”. How pathetic. Even some religious leaders fell into that traps.

    Malaysians have wisen up and chose not to honour their own words after taking voting money and goodies from UMNO controlled BN.

    It is all a laughable joke when BN leaders preach to the rakyat to think 1malaysia and work towards a nation of one race call Malaysians and at the same time plead with the rakyats not to reduce the representation of SUPP’s chinese reps in BN government. Stupid assholes sheding a few crocodile tears, begging us to vote them and allow them more time to squandered more wealth using a vehicle call SCORE.

    Which UMNO man will resign as a minister on ground of principles. Only one in the whole of Malaysia and he is Zaid Ibrahim, the Pakatan candidate for Hulu Selangor. he is the MAN who deserves to be voted in to Parliament this Sunday to be the mouth piece of Hulu Selangor voters and all Malaysians.

  7. Mata Kuching says:

    Barricades were erected round orang asli settlements making them prisoners of their own home, to prevent Pakatan campaigners from entering and possibly the orang asli from voting for Pakatan.

    We shall see how the police and EC treat the reports already lodged. If Najib could summon the spirit of his late father to assist BN he would have as well in the finale as things were not looking good at all.

    Unfortunately, he had run out of ammunition and had no choice but tried his best to divert the people’s real problems and issues to Anwar’s sodomy trial when realising that UMNO’s personal attacks on Zaid fizzled out after 2 days of smear campaign.

    Let’s leave it to GOD to guide the voters there.

  8. kangtao says:

    BN UMNO leaders, let’s be specific, has penetrated the Police and of course the Legal system although not all the policemen and judges would subject themselves to this vehemently authoritarian dragnet. Our Civil Service do also have PKR supporters. Oh yes, certainly.
    If Zaid wins, it will be just the beginning of “REFORMASI”. After all, even Najib has called for change through his 1Malaysia but with corruption at it’s height amongst BN politicians and the system, how is he going to do it? Only a change of Government can rid of all the dirt. Ho Ho Ho.

  9. Mata Kuching says:

    Zaid Ibrahim is seen as the most suitable leader of good overall strength in PKR to succeed Anwar to continue reformation should UMNO controlled BN convict Anwar of sodomy 2.

    Many simple minded and ordinary folks including labourers, housewives, petty traders and farmers have voiced their anger after seeing how UMNO would try to bully Anwar and other Pakatan leaders during Parliament sessions. “These are the kind of MP the people ever need who are not afraid to be out-numbered and bullied for telling the truth and protecting the people” they say.

    Zaid Ibrahim is another leader who although may not have tasted life as BN’s political prisoners but has all the moral integrity, credibility and convictions to earn the same “lifetime” respects that Malaysians bestowed on the likes of Anwar, Kapal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Tian Chua, Teresa Kok and many more real heros of Malaysia.

    We pray Zaid will overcome all the dirty political pressures and tactics employed by UMNO controlled BN to stop him from going to Parliament. This will also be the beginning of the first real battle of Pakatan to Putrajaya. God saves Malaysia and all Malaysians, Vote Pakatan.

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