SUPP “Skating on Thin Ice”

A Bidayuh elder from Bengoh said,” If we can we take,why not..If not there are of course room for compromise. That is politics and there should not be too much deliberation or else it will affect the races and it will do no good to everyone involved. 

Natasha was talking to a number of Bidayuh voters and summing up its clear that one particular remark is indeed interesting ,”Of course the Bidayuhs would like to have the MPP Chairmans position but we cannot have it all. We are making the noises and its up to SUPP the party to make the decision. We can shout until our voices are hoarse but at the end of the day its how the Bidayuh SUPP leaders lobby for it. Peter Minos is making the plea but he is not from SUPP. Let the party SUPP handle this as the Party knows it is SKATING ON THIN ICE.

Todays headlines has the SUPP President saying that they have not found the right candidate just yet. The party has yet to finalist the candidates,”So far we have not discussed the matter and therefore the decision has been made to that effect.We will hold a meeting soon and hopefully by then a decision can be made.” the DCM and SUPP President told reporters after opening a Heritage Exhibition.  

Its SUPP’s call and the party knows bests and its up to the leaders to deliberate at length and at the end of the day the person pick to be the Chairman must be able to serve the rakyat and deliver. audie61 leaves it to SUPP to make the correct choice and there has been too much said………….