SPDP “Strategic Think-Tank”

Mission impossible sSHhh…This message will self destruct within five (5) seconds. Nothing is impossible in politics and according to our insider source the name has been earmarked and his name will be presented to the SC meeting. In politics echoing to what has been said by the President of SPDP,”Its about agreement and not disagreement and Mawan true to his words have followed the advices of his inner circles and took the bold step in Picking and Choosing the Right Person Suited to head this entity.

In our earlier article we wrote on 1st January 2010 which was also our very first article for the year,” S-G SPDP..??”extracted,”someone who has the caught the imagination of the party and public at large. Even those in the BN family are talking about him being burnt to ashes.But as the saying goes,” Like a Phoenix he will rise from the Ashes and claim his Rightful Place.”

What is this about the Think-Tank? It appeared in the English daily Borneo Posts yesterday and Mawan describe the entity as a “high powered’ group that could organise bigger forums for thousands to participate in. what makes it more interesting is that this group will play an advisory role ,update the supreme council and report to the President.

It could be set up by the Supreme council on an ad hoc  basis without the need to follow the constitution simply because there was no provision on such a group.” Isnt’ this professing what Mawan has said,”Agreement instead of Disagreement in politics and also looking beyond what is in front of us.

audie61 made a phone call to the person who was tasked to look into the THINK TANK and he was very excited and was looking forward to getting down to work. Its a Plus for the party and the President has walked his Talk. I am indeed grateful to the party for giving me this opportunity and platform to chart the future direction of the party. We will reap the benefits and we “REAP WHAT WE SOW” he said.

The injection of new blood and also younger members with the parties multi racial concept has recently been able to attract more members into the parties fold. The President welcomes all who has the vision and mission in making the party a strong partner in the the BN family. 

Our insider source also said that up till today Mawan has treated the five who had their little misadventure as “members of SPDP” Its time to consolidate and being home is where the heart is. Just come BACK HOME is the message.

By the way the person picked for this SPDP think tank I seemingly forgot to pen it down is ……SsHhh..self destructed……You saw it right…hehehe.!!!!