“Project Ketua Menteri..??”

  • Plot 1 Action 1 1987 Maju group failed in its attempt KM1.
  • Plot 2 Action 2 PBDS KM2 also unsuccessful.
  • Today SNAP President Edwin Dundang hits back at James Masing PRS President in not so many words.

Is there a forthcoming KM3? Words and Whisperings on the ground is that the revival is underway and at times it does take an Opposition party to spell the dangers lurking and needs to be checked.

The political minefield in Sarawak is so fluid at the moment and many has pointed it out to the POST TAIB ERA where skirmishes and guerilla warfares are being fought to ensure that AIMS are achieved.  Who will take over is a good question and who is the rightful successor? A party loyalists to James Masing has often boasted,” Without a doubt James is eyeing the Seat “

Edwin Dundang in todays Borneo Posts “Masing is just being Malicious” and in it states,” We admit we are just a small party but in 1987 SNAP was strong enough together with BN Sarawak to stop the Maju group from toppling the state government led by the present chief minister.At that time,Masing was an active member of the Maju group and boasted of a “PROJEK Ketua Menteri” 

Is Edwin insinuating something that the CM is keeping the an enemy within reach. After 23 years in which the inital plot surfaced could the next elections provide another perfect platform for a last assault of KM3 before James calls it a day in the political scene in Sarawak? He does have enough YBs especially with the inclusion of some from SPDP on his side and this time he must be BOLD enough to do it says a an Emeritus Professor.

Its a perfect timing as native land issues will certainly be a major factor and the issue of  WHO WILL LEAD SARAWAK will add spice to the election. The surface is calm but the underlying currents of a KM3 project plus the ever growing opposition front is indeed a GOLDEN CARROT for those connected with James Masing.

The threat is Real and the CMs inner circles are watching it very closely and reports have not been very encouraging. The movements and the collaboration of a number of his aides with the opposition members has significantly increase and they have not forgotten the Hilton Hugging episode. They will be an element of SURPRISE and ITS PACKAGED NICELY was the message.

Will we just brush this under the carpet or will the politcal strategists within the BN framework look at this more seriously. Don’t  JUST turn round and say we were not notified,shrug shoulders,bite your lips and feel remorse to get out from a possible EXPLOSIVE situation. The KM3 revival has already surpassed ACTION  3.

Who in your mind is the PUPPET MASTER in KM3…..??