“Will SUPP or BN be Happy..??”


Call me “OTT  but its “MHO This veteran TRUE BLUE BN politician who has since taken the backseat and only voices his opinions when required was very upset by PRS SG news which appeared in the Borneo Posts today.  

audie61 management team was at the breakfast table and first thing he said,”Call me OVER THE TOP (OTT) but this is MY HONEST OPINION (MHO) do you think what the SG of PRS has said will be accepted in totality by SUPP or BN.

Every help is needed in every byelections/elections for that matter and if one coalition is so busy with its TDC that means they care for themselves more than the BN coalition. What is in the minds of PRS ?

This statement should never be uttered and it also gives the Opposition the extra ammunition to tell the voters,” BN partners are overconfident and they dont need each other.” says OTT politician. Correct me if I’m wrong.

It just goes to show that this attitude needs to be addressed or else all hell will break loose in the next State elections. audie61 has already informed a few YBs who are very close to  inner circles of the CM and they are totally aware of the situation. it seems that PRS is getting a bit too carried away with their numbers of YB in their fold and wants to play leverage says a close aide to the CM.

 Does it need the BN Supreme Council to step in..?” There seems to be a total blanket of lets do what we can as its already “POSTS TAIB ERA“.However what was significant and a respect of being in the coaliton was the SPDP statement which was very well received by many political analysts.

Paul Igai the Deputy SG of SPDP said as for the solidarity dinner on May 15th,”unless and until there is a directive to cancel or postpone it” he is saying we will be waiting for instructions. We will follow what BN wants us to do unlike what Nissom has said,”PRS TDC has been long planned before the unexpected had happened.”

This certainly is a very ” HEAVYWEIGHT STATEMENT” and long may this statement be edged in the minds of SUPP and BN. PRS it seems has a lot of different agendas and the KM3 does pop up once too often for many in the local political arena. 

Nissom being a veteran politician should have been more diplomatic instead he seems to be subjected to more arrows piercing the heart of PRS. Is he echoing “What the President instructed him to say?” There was already a GAG order in place by the President and this seems to be a collective decision. The CM is of course not available as he is on a trip overseas and he will be most displeased with these developments. CM has a hawks eye on PRS movements and will be too aware of their intentions.

Mosts of all what will SUPP leaders feel reading it for breakfast first thing in the morning says a member of a BN party.?? This is a total lack of respect and ‘XXXXX..mindset,pardon me for saying”  Do they want BN or SUPP to beg them? So Tai-Ko(big brother is it.??)

Something needs to be done and BN will be a pound foolish to let PRS carry on with the TDC and unless they PRS has losts total respect for the CM and the BN partners. Its not the war but this battle is really crucial for SUPP as it will mean that they will be more comfortable going into the next State elections. Words said like “we are with you in spirit” is not enough if the soldiers from PRS are not in Sibu town fully to support the BN and her  machinery on the days up to polling.

Is the TDC too important to forsake? Even an OTT veteran politician says it just might put James Masing in a difficult situation with what the SG Nissom has openly said in the Borneo Posts. Maybe James will use his prerogative..hmmm?? 

Do we need to tell Nissom what to do…???