“Pelagus…James My Mandate…??”

They say,”Once you get out from the political fire ,its better to stay out of it and lay cool.” It seems that the President of PRS James Masing has suddenly on Chinese New Year started a fire that has already been doused and considered a non issue by many close aides of CM. Where is heading too and why is he doing just that? Is he trying to please those so called hardliners within PRS especially now with SPDP facing internal problems.

This was taken from an intenet blog,”Speaking to reporters in Kuching today, PRS President, Dato Sri Dr James Jemut Masing said only a PRS member can represent BN in the area and there is no question of swapping the seat with other BN component parties in the state.”

It was also mentioned that he will sit down with PRS  party members on how it will help BN win the seat. Also he has yet to discuss with the State BN on who to field in the remaining 8 areas which are considered to be PRS allocated seats.  

Political analysts have been questioniong what game is James playing and what is he really up to? Close aides of CM informed us that James is really playing with fire and does he need to be reminded of WHO,WHAT AND WHY Larry Sng is still around. He is not only holding just two portfolios now but has an additional portfolio to his name.

If CM does no approve of Larry he would have just got rid of him and given it to someone else. Put it this way says the aide,”Billy Abit won on a BN-ticket in the Parliamentary Ulu Rejang seat and does James needs to be reminded? Is he really testing the CM’s patience on this?  He still needs to see CM and tell him of those who needs to be nominated as candidates in the next State Elections.

No wonder says the aide rumours are already reaching the ears of many BN top notch politicians that PRS might just be the partner to pull out at the very last minute if their political needs are not met during the BN allocation meeting.

PRS knows their true values and they will just do that “unquestionable as a close supporter of James indicated.”It is without a doubt that James will use this as leverage as there will not be a better time to bargain and achieve the desired RESULT. The door is wide open and James will have the hardliners on his side and he will just create the STORM necessary to wash away Taibs rule. Whoever he aligns with after the elections will be a CHOICE not only for him but also the party as a whole.

It has also been speculated as per some BN analysts that due to some insider trading and negotiations that the door remains not close for PRS to make an entrance into the Pakatan fold and be the major player in this state elections. Why? Simple DAP 18 urban seats PKR 20 seats SNAP 2 seats PAS 2 seats and that leave 29 seats. (WHO IS GOING TO FILL THIS VOID..??)

Dont rule out the impossible just yet as the waves are gaining momentum especially amongst the die hard failed ketua menteri 1 & 2 project and they are trying to push James to the edge to go for it once and for all as he is reaching the pinnacle of his political career. Even source close to James have mentioned that there are undercurrents that James has been told that there is absolutedly no need to pursue and go for another elections if the end result is just another Ministerial appointment and not even elevated higher. So what is higher one may ask? Ketua Menteri project 3 is right on cue.Dare not to believe..??

There are also rumours aplenty that elder SNG would consider joining in this elections if his son Larry is not nominated in Pelagus. The groundswell is he is looking at the N42 Meluan Seat. We leave that to another article on another day when the need arises. The Sarawak political climate is calm but there is need to be concern as all does not look too well with so many infightings especially within the BN fold.

SUPP and SPDP infightings are far from over and PBB and PRS are only simmering with fire within about to escalate full blown if all warlords/hardliners are not guaranteed a share of the spoils in seat allocations.

James will need to be very careful on what he needs to say especially with the elections just around the corner. It’s the CMs mandate on who he chooses and James has always said,”it’s his prerogative and CM might just use the same words….They say be careful on what you wish for and CMs uppercut will be devastating. Its his MANDATE and many have fallen on the wayside when they went against him………