DAP N11 Voon..”A Footballer”

A political watcher sent an sms to Natasha of audie61,”Whats wrong with DAP N11 Voon Lee Shan.? He seems to be in a lot of bother lately and judging from what is written in his blog. Absolutely he is now been sent to substitutes bench. Want to know more click HERE to his blog.

We blogged the DAP Sarawak “Storm Warriors” on December 4th 2009 and it seems like every good footballer his days are NUMBERED and like this song sang by the football Fans”You’re not Famous anymore” Have you YB Voon got the hint from the powerful Sarawak DAP Bureau.?? Your contracts up and its time to move on. { Extracted from YB Voons blog;-Like a footballer, I only could play in certain positions, but, not all positions

Shaiful”OMG Glee”

audie61 received a number of phone calls from members of the public and summing up they have this to say,”Wow! It seems Shaiful is enjoying the spotlight on TV3 .Is he so happy to be sodomised.??  He doesn’t look remorseful and also look at his dressing.Looks like he has Armani Suit on and also now carrying a Leather Suitcase.   

Furthermore a person who has had the traumatic experience would be seen as very sad and not all pump up with GLEE as if saying,”I am the one who is going to get Anwar Ibrahim. I am the hero. He should be saddened with this episode and he seems to be going for the killer approach basking for more than the usual ‘OXYGEN OF PUBLICITY. An observer even said that he wants to take over the lead role of Tom Cruise’s “Mission Impossible”

We know, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan you wish to see and ensure that Anwar is jailed  the maximum 20 years’ and whipping but whoever has coached you in dress code going into this trial must have his ” HEAD SCREWED WITH A CORK OPENER ” The Polished Armani Suited Charming status is absolutely a real “ MINUS POINT…. matter of observations from members of the  public. Absolutely loved the media attention is it Shaiful ………

Any OTHER comments………..???