DAP Voon,”Quality Time…??”

A number of Batu Lintang  constituents who are clearly Voon Lee Shans ardent supporters clarified to Joey of audie1 that Voon is not running away from the battles and the just needs QUALITY TIME to be with his family as he ponders his next move.” He has been given a showcause letter by DAP party headquarters in Kuala Lumpur as such he needs his families undivided  support to clear his mind and find the appropriate answers to the contents of the letter.

One should refrain from making unnecessary and unfounded judgements that Voons time is numbered and he will not be named to defend the N11 Batu Lintang State Seat. We have been hearing from ground zero level  that since the sms that has been sent out by Voon to the press,comrades,friends and relatives with regards to him ,”Not celebrating Chinese New Year in Kuching” the final nail has been delivered.

Whats more with  this statement from Chong,’ There was no bad blood between us. Voon is making a mountain out of a mole hill and we informed him of the meeting but he did not want to come,”

The supporters added,”It does appear that Voons pride has been hurt and he needs the time off and he does require his constituents to understand the situation and the circumstances. He just needs time to address the whole problem and he wishes all a very Happy Chinese New Year. Just be cool and calm and Voon will overcome.”

Afterall this is politics and there are no predetermined solutions to all problems. Voon has 14 days to reply and we shall know in due course whether the TIGER YEAR will be kind to the N11 assemblyman.