“DAP 3 seats Bye Bye..SUPPs Back..??”

SUPP will go into the next state elections knowing very well that they will be given the same amount of seats to contest. This is very significant and important to SUPP eventhough the other component parties have every intention of benefitting from SUPPs loses and the component parties gains.

The losts seats N9 Padungan N10 Pending N11 Batu Lintang N12 Kota Sentosa (Kuching area) N 28 Engkilili N 40 Meradong N45 Bukit Assek. There has been talks of seat swapping as BN will look at ways and means to win all losts seats back into the fold. The opposition DAP(6)Keadilan(1) and Independants (2) won 9 seats altogether out of the total 71 seats in the 2006 State elections. { SUPP losts 8 out of 19 seats contested in 2006}

George Chan SUPP President and James Masing PRS President said that there will not be any seat swapping in the next State elections. However George did continue to elaborate,”If there must be any swapping of seats it must be done on the principle of consensus,meaning all top BN party leaders must agree to such an arrangement.” 

There were a number of phone calls received by audie61 crew and mosts of them said in a nutshell,’ Isn’t this contradictory? Also SUPP is showing that they are second in command in the state coalition and this will make James chew his words when the time comes.

The Borneo Posts article which appeared on Page 3 has irked many,”I want to stress here that only a PRS member can be nominated to represent BN.If the person is not from PRS,is it right to put him there? I leave you all to your own judgements and opinions as we have covered this statement a few days back.  Click here:-https://audie61.wordpress.com/2010/02/15/pelagus-james-my-mandate/

The whole hoo- hahs this morning was not so much the seat swappings but the boldness of SUPP President in predicting that SUPP will win back all the seats losts in Kuching and thus reclaim their HOLY GRAIL,”AN  APPOINTED MAYOR FROM THE SUPPS RANKS”

DAP members are very happy in capturing the SUPPs 3 strongholds  and they are not just going to hand it over the platter to SUPP. Some of them when interviewed said,” SUPP is thinking with our infighting there are chances of them making a claim back and waving bye bye to DAP.

A DAP voter added,” Lets see after the next elections and whether SUPP will not go the same where like Gerakan in Peninsular (a near wash out) George is whipping up the war cry to all party members to close ranks and also use this to ensure what is losts will be gained back. However the voter continued he must remember what is losts can be gained  and what looks secured can be losts a good example was the losts of two Assistant Ministers to a virtual unknown (then) and peoples favourite Chong.

The dice have been thrown and its up to the parties concerned and involved in the next State elections to ensure that their party nominated hopeful/candidate will be voted in by the people.

SUPPs organising secretary Peter Chin put it very nicely,”we will look at all angles to ensure that our candidates have credibility ad well liked by the people.” He must have taken a leaf out of Anwars speech who said it was his mistake in picking up the wrong PKR candidates in the last GE and SUPP will not want mud thrown back at them.

The extract from Malaysiakini portal (“We were short on everything – money, suitable candidates, time and conditions in which to campaign. So I had to go with what we had and today some of the choices look pretty bad.

I apologise for this and I promise that in the next round, our candidates will be clean, strong and interested in not what contracts they can gain but in what they can offer to the people in terms of what is within their rights to expect of their leaders and of this nation.”

Is it so easy to regain the 3 losts seats and wave bye bye to DAP? There are no certainties in politics and if all ground works and machinery are mobilised there should not be any TEARS SHED………