” 249 Voting For PBB Youth Chief “

The heavyweight bell for the PBB Youth Chief contests after an absence of 30 years will be rung. Karim who look forward to the challenge told Sarawak Update.com that he liked the contest because “it is very friendly, no stabbing and we want to show to others that we can still be friends despite being in a contest”.

However a former PBB youth exco aligned to Fadillah said,” It can be friendly on the surface but truthfully is any contests any where in the world ever Friendly..? Its up to the 249 Youth delegates to vote no doubt but there will be intense campaigning and no one wants to lose do they?’

It seems that the Pesaka boys are already making a bee line to the youth secretary’s residence to make preparations for the battle that is looming amongst the two heavyweights.

‘Fadillah Yusof (Deputy Federal Minister Science, Technology and Innovation ) against ADUN YB Karim Hamzah ( Sarawak Backbenchers Chairman and Former Deputy Youth Chief) will be an early awaited contests and the bell has rung already for both of them to ready their election campaigns…..

“Thank You Mawan…You read Blogs..??”

An SPDP member telephoned audie61 very early at the break of dawn ,”Hei,Mawan reads blogs.Walau Eh..He must have been influenced by the Pope. The Holy Father must have influenced him so much. Eventhough there are a lot of different opinions on him Mawan is unmoved. The Pope must have touched his heart and bless him and sent him a CLEAR MESSAGE. Whatever it is its up to the people to comment

Earlier  we wrote an article on February 16th 2010,”Mawan.. Even the Pope goes on line.https://audie61.wordpress.com/2010/02/16/mawan-even-the-pope-gets-on-line/ Today on the Borneo Posts Page 6 Mawan was quoted ,”They are just differences of opinion.Whatever has been said in the papers and blogs or otherwise are those things one can expect to happen. But whatever they are ,we can resolve them within our four walls and other BN components should leave it like that.” 

audie61 met a SC member who mentioned that the Group of “5′ met the CM for 3 hours while Mawan was accorded only 1 and half hours. However no matter how long the CM met either group the message is precise and clear.They are advised to play it COOL AND NOT TO JEORPADISE BARISAN NATIONAL chances at the next State elections. You want to do housecleaning for the party after the elections is the MEssage from the CM.

So Mawan has finally got his act together and believed that opinions do matter. Even a very close ally and family friend of Mawan said to us that nothing has ruffled Mawan so far and the article must have reverberated through his bones and sent the right signals to him which is indeed a PLUS SIGN FOR MY UNCLE MAWAN.

The extract here,”Its well known that Mawan does not go through the blogs for all the gossips,rumours and speculations and he leaves it to his able lieutenants in Paul Igai and Tiong King Sing to inform him of the next step to take or to lie low. For outside help he uses a former newspaper group editor to chart his political career.”PM Najib and all the top BN leaders do go through the blogs and it is very unwise for Mawan just to listen to and read the main stream media news. He will certainly be left behind in no time.

audie61 would like to thank Mawan for his openness and frankness and we wish him well in finding a right solution for the problems.