Taib”Give Me The Mandate..”

Imagine this scenario,”5000 PBB members at the Borneo Convention Centre in March 2010 and all fixing their eyes and ears towards their President Taib Mahmud. Suddenly he stopped and you could even hear a PIN DROP. The silence was unbearable and deafening and after adjusting himself Taib said,”Now now now my fellow members would you give me the mandate as the President to pick my successor..?”

The whole hall erupted with shouts of “Hidup Taib,Boleh,Boleh Boleh..Setuju Setuju,Setuju .There will be some who will just try to catch some breadth after the unexpected call by the President as many would have thought he is ready to hand over after being at the helm for over two decades.

One School of thought have put this together. The most senior after him would be Alfred Jabu as Deputy President 1 and Abang Johari as Deputy 2 while Awang Tengah is next down the hierarchy.  Taib has not completedly forgotten Effendi Norwawi who is still very much in his mind. Taib would bisik bisik ‘whisper whisper’ to Jabu to relinquish and also retire with him when this plan is completed. Douglas Uggah would be elevated to Jabu’s position and he would come back to take over as Deputy Chief Minister when the time comes. (by election…yeap) 

Taib would encourage Asfia his most able Lieutenant to hatch this plan and ensure it works. Taib would be very careful not to anger either Johari’s or Tengah’s man and he will use this as and inform the inner circles within PBB that Effendi is the bests person to take over. Up till today Taib has never ever not trust his protege eventhough Effendi has more than once turn him down mostly using his usual health reasons.

Of course the bigger picture is to coax his son Sulaiman to take over after giving him time on a ‘Sabbatical” according to Taibs closest aide. Effendi will sit in temporary to warm the seat before the return of the Prodigal Son. Classic huh.!

Why not just Johari or Tengah? Johari is very Senior but does not have Federal appointment experience and likewise Tengah. Johari does not have the full support of the Melanau PBB support but Tengah has but Tengah does not have full Pesaka ‘dayak”support. Effendi does not have grassroot but has Federal support and he seems to be able to balance both Tengah and Johari factions and also neutralise the Pesaka Wing.

With just this speech Taib would be able to continue to stay in power and lead the BN in the next State elections. The successor issue would be put in the cupboard for now and Taib would be able to carry on with his agenda with the Mandate obtained from the majority of PBB members in the convention. He has profitted from this convention though it could be his last dance but its a well worked poltical coup of some sort.

Taib according to his aide has gone back to his drawing board a few times to readjust and realign. Would you dare just rule this scenario and plan out..? They always say nothing in politics surprise me anymore and this could just be one of them…Nothing indepth needed in this political plan but plain shouts of boleh,boleh,boleh………..

We witness Mahathir crying on stage at the tail end of his career.Will you use this or come up with another original.What if  you have used all other options? Dont think to hard would you….