PRU13″Rasa-Rasa Bunyi..?”

When will the Boxing gloves come off. Malaysians have waited for the moment when Najib dissolves Parliament.Both BN and Pakatan are all ready and soon the people will give a new mandate to the deserving coalition. The indicators are favouring PM Najib and it is no surprise that he was reported to have said in Port Dickson that

“rasa-rasa bunyi (PRU) dah dekat (feel the sounds  (of elections) are near).”

The Umno president said two days ago he will dissolve Parliament when  public confidence towards his administration is at its highest level.

“The right time (is when) there is a high level of confidence in the  government… we are still gauging situations (to) see what kind of  support (we have),” he told Chinese-language radio station 988FM in an  interview.

I’m sure you justs can’t wait to put your mark on the ballot papers…..