GE13 Cyber War..”Borderless.Youth will hurt you..!!”

When the head of UMB UMNO Tun Faisal told the BN bloggers in a cyber trooping workshop,”what you write will be read and its not about popularity but substance I was taken aback” Even if one (1) person reads your blog in “totality” it will multiply.

The message is simple blogs carry the full weight of how we address issues in this era of technological advances. Facebook is the supermarket where everybody buys while twitter is like express/bullet mail to the mind of the reader.

We are in this not because we want to be popular but we are in this because we want to engage the mindset of those who holds the keys and are part of the voters who will casts their votes in GE13.

Elections is about propaganda and dissemination of information takes all forms most common ones and traditional methods being through banners,buntings,billboards,TV aired advertisements,leaflets and also “surat layang2 in the villages”

Malaysia has develop and in 8 years time 2020 we want to be a fully developed nation. Our leaders knows that with development there are prices to be paid. The pyramid of voters “middle class” are all now internet savvy and technology is at a push and a touch or even without touching of a button (heat sensors) and they will receive whatever they require.

The cyber space is to be won and whoever grasps it by the neck will be a step ahead. Pakatan took the cyberspace in 2008 and BN leaders did not know what hit them. Today many are still lagging behind and are not fully in tandem or just ignoring the facts that cyberwarfare has reached the kampungs/longhouses and remote villages.

The leaders are so afraid to tell the Boss PM but the signs are REAL. PM played his card on justs pre-empt a June 3rd GE polling date. Why the Dayak leaders in Sarawak are so so afraid while the Sabahans said its not an issue?

Is there a condition put forward to the PM to say when he should hold the elections? BR1M(1Malaysia peoples aid ) and civil service pay rise have already been sorted out.

Let me tell you if the Johorean dayaks and also those who work in Singapore and Peninsular are back for the festive occasions in Kaamatan Sabah and Gawai Sarawak,it does spell trouble. They have seen it and they will tell all sorts of stories which will swing the votes.

Should the BN leaders be so afraid.? They did not do their homework thats why. They have taken everything forgranted and are running scared of facing their enemeies headon. (surely,YB Karim will say to me are BN or Pakatan? he had a dig at audie61 when we posted this article:- )

Even a former Bintulu MP Ting Ling Kiew said,”The state Barisan Nasional risks losing one-third of the 31 seats at stake in the parliamentary election if it fails to replace non-performing MPs.He further claimed that some of the long-serving MPs had seldom visited their constituencies and provided services to the people.

audie61 writes  to clarify what needs to be done for the country and do not apple- polish just for the sake of earning merit points. If the YBs and MPS have done their homework surely Pakatan would be very worried. The reason for Sarawak YBs as stated by Dewan Rakyat speaker Wan Junaidi he was quoted to have said,”June3 as pollingdate,as speculated is a no,no for Sabah and Sarawak.

Wow! Looks very much a very defeatists attitude. BN should be on high ground and not looking upwards and any dates of celebrations should be the time to get the people rallying behind instead of giving a negative backlash.

Could another former YB be on a second home coming or trying to put himself in the shop window to be a candidate in GE13?

Nyarok who losts badly to PKR Ali Biju musts have regretted that he did not heed the youths during the lasts state elections. He was even known to have said according to sources in Krian that we use the same old style,use the same elderly people,dont need youths we will win. Also we were told,”He said posters like Ali Bijus don’t vote” but did he losts badly and had to eat his words and he blamed sabotage.

Such a lame and feeble excuse….

We were on the ground to judge his operations and we were saddened of the attitude and approach. A lesson to be learnt for SPDP as it prepares for GE13.

Hold on! Are we hearing things?

We were taken aback when we covered the SPDP Youth and Wanita AGM/TGM opening ceremony and Nyarok said,’Younger generation are the future leaders.” Oh my! Isn’t he behind times or was he trying to just impressed.

A little too late though Nyarok and he even urged the party’s election machinery to make full use of mobile technologies in order to reach to the young voters.

RPK would have loved to knock a few teeth out of Nyaroks mouth by what he was and now he is regretting what he has done. This should be shuffed down Nyaroks throat extracted from RPKs article,”Siapa awak? Awak ni rendah. Awak tahu saya siapa? Saya Datuk. Saya Tan Sri. Saya Tun. Saya wakil rakyat. Saya Yang Berhormat. Saya ada kuasa. Saya orang besar. Awak apa? Awak ni Blogger saja. You are nobody. I am somebody.

If only Nyarok realise earlier of cyber warfare and the usefullness of engaging the youths and its machinery he would still be in cloud 9. Thank God that he is not and its given a new beginning for the BN government to look very closely at what needs to be done and how its going to be done to ensure SPDP/BN retains Saratok.

Luckily,CM Taib Mahmud have remarried and he knows way around the young minds. At the SPDP opening ceremony we tweeted what he said and this are the very words which are music to the ears of the youths of today. Nyarok who is younger than Taib musts have private lessons from Taib on how and what not to say to youths if he still wants to stay RELEVANT .

The tweets:- Athanasius Audie @audie61

  • CM Taib said we musts read the mindset of the ppl fast as we face challenges from the youth
  • CM Taib said BN”clear cut image and we sink our differences” especially in facing GE
  • The Thinking power of the Youth says CM is very important.Modern thinking and not afraid to run in d act of balancing.

CM Taib said the THINKING MINDS of the youth differs from an elderly person like him who have seen so much and the technological advances in this modern era we need to think about what they the youths think and it musts be turned to votes. By the way Taib is older than Nyarok.

The message has filtered all the way to even James Masing who said today in star online ,”PRS engages cyberworld to win elections:-Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) is delving into the cyberworld to win in the coming general election.

Its president James Masing said PRS’ New Media Unit would be one of the frontliners for the coming election.

“The shaping of the people’s minds via the Internet is more relevant to those who reside in the urban areas.”PRS cyber troopers will assist whenever they can in urban areas,” he said at the party’s headquarters here Wednesday.

Nyarok,Taib,Masing who next is giving UMB or cyber warfare an A+( PLUS) ?

James even said,”whatever lies.slanderous statements and unstatantiated allegations appear you must refute. PRS cyber troopers to battle in the War. Be very careful as it will hurt you if you are not ready to face the mortars and kitchen sink thrown at you. Some are prepared but some justs cannot take it and the opposition are well drilled and are stubbornly difficult to bring down.

The cyber space in this GE13 is not for the faint hearted and now even State housing minister and President of Saberkas Abang johari has joined the chorus of leaders in saying,”todays leaders must know of Facebook,Twitter and blogs so as to keep up with the younger generation

If you cannot communicate with the young people,how,then can you inspire and lead them? It seems the social networking will not only help BN or Pakatan but it will hurt the ones who are not ready to accept that the revolution is real.

PM Najib was quoted to have said this on December 1st 2011,”Keduanya, media baru. Mahu  tidak mahu, suka tidak suka, UMNO harus menguasai media baru kerana  hari ini, detik ini, ia mampu menentukan kemenangan atau kekalahan. Ia  berupaya mendatarkan “the playing field” atau ia turut boleh menjadikan  satu pertarungan itu, tidak setara. Dari yang demikian, orang UMNO wajib  mengetahui cara-cara untuk memanfaatkan media baru demi survival parti.

Memenuhi maksud dan menjiwai realiti baru juga, UMNO selaku sebuah  parti siasah yang dinamik, tidak boleh hanya sekadar hebat bertempur  dalam pertarungan lalu, kita semestinya juga menjadi juara dalam  berperang di medan laga terkini.

Its only now that the leaders realised the importance of the Cyber war.

We have earlier covered this subject and Click HERE to view:-

Former Deputy Chief Minister George Chans words clearly sums it up just like what Tun Faisal have opened up on blogs,

George Chan continued,”Urban seats its cyberwarfare and BN machinery is still very much lacking and he agrees that BN needs to oil up its parts and pick the bests to counter the “dirt and poisonous politics that is being spun out there in cyberworld”  His party suffered badly and they will try to pick up the pieces in time for GE13 and he knows BN will experience more than a good fight.