PRU13″Rasa-Rasa Bunyi..?”

When will the Boxing gloves come off. Malaysians have waited for the moment when Najib dissolves Parliament.Both BN and Pakatan are all ready and soon the people will give a new mandate to the deserving coalition. The indicators are favouring PM Najib and it is no surprise that he was reported to have said in Port Dickson that

“rasa-rasa bunyi (PRU) dah dekat (feel the sounds  (of elections) are near).”

The Umno president said two days ago he will dissolve Parliament when  public confidence towards his administration is at its highest level.

“The right time (is when) there is a high level of confidence in the  government… we are still gauging situations (to) see what kind of  support (we have),” he told Chinese-language radio station 988FM in an  interview.

I’m sure you justs can’t wait to put your mark on the ballot papers…..

66 thoughts on “PRU13″Rasa-Rasa Bunyi..?”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    Justs can’t wait. SUPP whitewash.PBB, PRS and SPDP will lose some seats. Najib might justs scrape through.Perak will fall back to Pakatan. Selangor ,Kedah will be tough fight for Pakatan to hold on too as the delineation exercises might help BN.

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :lol:

    :oops: I salute you….let’s UNITE n fight for mankind….kick out all those cOwgate once n for all!!!!! :lol:

  3. 2012 hope says:

    Empty 1 Malaysia .

    Uitm only for bumi.

    All Vice chancellors in public Unis must be Bumi.

    99 % CEOs in GLCs are bumi.

    MRSM and Full residential schools only for bumi.

    Matriculation 90 % for bumi.

    Public University foundations programs only bumi.

    Ask non bumi primary school kids,they too can tell but not non bumi UMNO-BN stooges.

  4. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: PRU 13th :arrow: RASA BUNYI lembu hitam wanita muka tebal ni…. ai yo yoyoyo :mrgreen: To to all GOOD MALAYSIANS out there….see with your own eyes what we get when this cOwgate gone berserk!!!! :mrgreen:

  5. 2012 hope says:

    Lagu popular Pakatan Rakyat sekarang;

    Madu di tangan kanaMu,PR.

    Racun di tangan kiriMu,BN.

    Aku dah tahu mana pilihanKu.

    PRU 13 Election campaign song for PR.

  6. ruthless says:

    What i like about Party spdp is that the membership figure they release never the same. Before spdp tgm if has more than 100,000 member. Today figure release by paul igai plus puteri 8000 member is almost 90,000. Why the figure given is less than before the TGM. Are you telling us that you has kick out spdp 5 member????? Mr paul

  7. phyllis says:

    ya kah ruthless from what i read in the previous article u seem to know a lot od spdp. Are u also Tiongs man or nyarok the cowboy man? U have no good words for Mawan. Puzzled..??

  8. sarawakiana says:

    phyllis i think this ruthless is “Penghasut SPDP” saja. He could be PRS what do you think? maybe we have to ask our friend political observer. He knows more of spdp.

  9. ruthless says:

    Simple math calculation 1 + 1 + 2 + 4 = 6
    BN sarawak component party PBB + SUPP + SPDP + PRS = ???????
    IF you add up the member of bn component party in each constituency , you are going to win all the 31 constituency with ease. But why simple calculation cannot turn into the winning formula ???? I believe on some constituency the BN four figure add up more than actual number of voter that is excluding the number from PR ??? . The actual problem …………..

  10. 2012 hope says:

    Dr Tiki says only top bn leader,Najib makes the final decision on candidates,NOT Party leaders.

    Why should i worry ?

  11. sarawakiana says:

    ruthless u dont know how to count lah! 1+3=8 .2012 hope u seem also like part of SPDP5 . Mawan is a good man and according to sources he was the person who helped build the careers of Entri and Nansian. But unfortunately they turn against him and backstabbed him badly until now he has to turn to Tiong and he believe the Chinese more than his own people. Those dayaks who feel that the chinese are up to no good in SPDP better join PRS.
    PRS chinese leaders u can count with your fingers.

    • ruthless says:

      In politics there is no loyalty We are just partner on convenient in the party. Entri leave party cos of tiong, you know that? Do you know why mawan is with tiong ???? do you know why mawan did not support entri???

  12. ruthless says:

    mawan is good man and help entri, so what? In politics they is so many people who help each other and at the end it came back and bite than. Like mawan , what has he done to James wong and Justine jinggut ?are you telling mawan is not backstabbing James wong while he is with SNAP? In politic you talk about money, money mean power and follower. ask mawan in politic is there any word loyalty in his vocabulary. Like what i said Mawan is slow learner cos he has been to so many wars but still never lean. He is just a follower. The new SPDP office bearer is tiong term . admit it sarawakiana

  13. Political Observer says:

    Our political scenario ha never been the same since the 2008 tsunami hit our shores. Our West Malaysian counterpart from both divides are fighting nail and tooth to win the mind and hearts of the people- with such intensity which was unthinkable before 2008 tsunami. However man are creature of habits. As long as it did not hit your shores, that ok, status quo, life goes on. Based on my analysis, if BN Sarawak continue with this complacency and refused to make drastic changes especially in its candidates and on one hand PR improved their machinery- SUPP will be wipe out, spdp will be wipe out (except perhaps Bintulu), PRS will loss a number of seats, PBB will loss a few. PBB being the most solid amongst the 4. Not because pbb is strong and good, but because pbb kawasan is small and easy to manage and control. eg. In Kota Samarahan, Sulaiman Taib could still easily win, but if he stand against Chong in Kuching, he might even lost his deposit. The same with Jabu if he stood in Miri and not Layar, he would also loss badly.

    As for SPDP, their weakness is their own doing. No doubt Jelaing and jacob are now the SVP’s but when you see their perfomance during the last TGA, none of their candidates make it in the SC. My take is that if Narmal Singh, Igai or Liew Ah lex (being tiong’s man) stood for SVP this two MP’s would have loss. From there we can deduced both of them are just lamb duck. While they are not performing in their kawasan, they are also not performing in SPDP. Many of the members have been asking what have they contributed towards the party. What opportunities had they open up for their members since both of them are deputy ministers. Again i LOL when I read Jelaing saying he is ready to defend Saratok if given the opportunity to stand again by the top leadership.

    Another mind boggling thing is that they are supposed to be Mawan generals- but throughout the whole spdp 5 crisis, we never seem to see them including tiong coming out to defend Mawan. The impression is that Mawan has been and is fighting his own lonely battle, and taking the bullets by himself. Tiki? whoever stand in Mas Gading this time will be having a hard time. Too much bad blood and infighting. Tiong? his majority will be much reduced.In the town DAP has become the party of choice, not only amongst the chinese but also amongst the intellectuals. SAMALAJU is exepected to be an issue- DAP is going to say the aluninium plant is going to be polluting bintulu and bringing ill health to the people. the PKFZ and NCR issue will be played to the hilt. He might even loss. In the worst scenario SPDP might also be wipe out. The 31 illegal division will not be of help. “You might have won the battle (TGA) but you may lost the war.

    As for PRS and PBB I will give my analysis some other time. However, this G13 will be another defining moment for our country, and a trigger point for Sarawak. The alternative media had already and is playing its part. Awang tengah is very aware of this- as you distribute more free computers you widen rakyat access to bloggers like audie61.

  14. 2012 hope says:




  15. sarawakiana says:

    If Tiong try to do something funny ruthless Mawan and his man justs pack up and go loh. I like the political observer very detailed analysis and writeup.
    This part is for sure BULLS EYE”The impression is that Mawan has been and is fighting his own lonely battle, and taking the bullets by himself. ”
    Ruthless this i like<'In politic you talk about money, money mean power and follower. ask mawan in politic is there any word loyalty in his vocabulary.

    • ruthless says:

      Is funny when you say mawan and his man would pack his and go. Mana mahu pergi ? Kalau ada duit macan tiong ok lah. If not mahu KOW TOU sama entri and join spdp 5 ke ?

  16. ruthless says:

    On Mas gading constituency , Dr. tiki and his man has been going around to promote himself to be the candidate. Few month ago mawan come out with statement that he got winnable candidate to defend mas gading but until today , that is two (2) month ago , no name has been mention. It mean that they group has no winnable candidate or mawan candidate is scare to go against Dr tiki , if tiki stand from independent? Mawan name your candidate? Jangan selalu cakap kosong?

  17. sarawakiana says:

    Aduh! Ruthless please dont be so bad to Mawan.He gentleman you know…Got lah the 5 names but they are all useless and Mawan will show hand only last minute when time for nomination. PM will say “winnable” as party decides and informs CM. Its SPDP that wins not Tiki ruthless understand.

  18. Howel says:

    political observer, whoever you are, you surely hit the nail bullseye. Looking forward for more analysis from you.

  19. sarawakiana says:

    “Expired Goods” n Old newspaper lah ruthless. times have changed .Please maybe the young son what is his name again oh i see larry can stand there.

  20. ruthless says:

    To our friends who love and hate him, never underestimate this old man, in politic he has fought so battles win and lose but he never give up. Like i have say before in politic money mean power, power mean follower. AWAS James one grey areafor you.

    • Fiery_fury says:

      BULA Mai dik akih! your old man will run away if it involved money in a blink of an eye, like a dog putting his tail in between his legs… Even though he has money and power in his smaller pond. There’s bigger ponds out there and and knowing his history, goldfish cannot survive where piranha’s dwell… Nyak ya…!

    • Fiery_fury says:

      Oooo…. (shivering) I’m so scared… who’s buttsss is he licking to get what he wants next? Berkumur enggau Listerine pun cannot take away that smell now…

    • Q Mark? says:

      Ruthless: You do not know your facts. What jungle are you living in? I am PRS member. Who says so?! Party PPP can’t even step foot in Sarawak! What member are you talking about?!

      • ruthless says:

        Mark , Party PPP President say he has 53,000 member in sarawak . Check your fact in Borneo post today newspaper. If i am not mistaken party PRS minus sng groups you have less than 50,000 member or else so your proof.

    • Q Mark ? says:

      Ruthless, the President PPP can say whatever he wants…. Want to know the truth member of PPP in Sarawak? It’s all in ROS unless you are telling me that there are overlapping each other???

      • ruthless says:

        Are you telling me party PPP president is a “BIG lied”. If he don’t has the member you think he dare to say he got the number ? Front page today newspaper. who is overlapping who?

  21. Howel says:

    Heard from pbb boys, the reason why taib retained Sng Junior, is to appeased him and in law TPK. apparently not enough cause he orchestrated the Langkawi gathering of 12 ybs from Supp and Spdp few months ago. Ruthless you are right, don’t underestimate your opponent!

  22. ruthless says:

    Insider source say sng senior was in selangau and tatau yesterday to carried the ground work for junior sng to challenge entulu during this coming GE 13. Local voter and insider source told me, he got every chance to beat the incumbent entulu. Jaga Boss, Junior sng is going to get one seat from you.

  23. sarawakiana says:

    Who throw his money ruthless! You still believe that old man meh! you said this”He would throw his money like a swan of bees come and attack you. Beware…” Why should we beware.? He is such a lousy old fool and good for nothing and only gamble cockfighting dato.
    Ruthless, you are dreaming too much of $$$$$$$$$$ hahahahah

  24. phyllis says:

    ruthless, u getting famous in promoting oldman Sng. Hahaha James Masing dont even bother about him. James killed him off politically once he will send him to under kingdom come soon.

    • ruthless says:

      that old man never die . He loss last battle but always remember he have not the wars. Wait and see at the end who surrender ? He was raised with Iban and he got iban gems. Agi edut agi nelaban spirit. To be continue……..

  25. zainuddin says:

    Holy COW! What’s happening here? Suddenly there is all out war against ruthless? He must have stepped on someones toes. But i will say,”lawan tetap lawan”

  26. Howel says:

    Thanks ruthless, i give u my vote. Sound like sarawakiana is strong supportet of mawan. Warning: mawan may find it tough to go thru close scrutiny..plenty of sekeleton too.

  27. Fiery_fury says:

    Kih…kih..kih… It’s never what it seems in politics. After all the butt licking and kicking, teeth gnashing of all the politicians involve, the strongest will prevail… WE WILL ALL SEE…

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